Today was the perfect day…

for me to become part of something magical again.

Therefore I just sent in the names of the people who are truly dear to me to the Benedictine monks from the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem for their wonderful Christmas Special called ‘Ich trage Deinen Namen in der Heiligen Nacht nach Bethlehem’ (= I carry your name on Christmas Eve to Bethlehem).

According to the biblical understanding the person, which bears that name, is present in a name.

Meanwhile it’s a beloved tradion for me to be part of this amazing Christmas Special and to make a donation to the monks.

This year they will collect the names and write them down onto a large scroll until Saturday 22 December 2012.

As every year they’ll carry this scroll to the Church of the Nativity on their herdsmen walk on Christmas Eve to Bethlehem, where they’ll lay it down on the star in the Grotto of the Nativity.

If you want to learn more about the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem and the monks feel free to visit their website on: , or you can contact them via:


The photo is sole property of the Dormition Abbey

You find the online form for the Christmas Special here:


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