Note to Cleo – …

Mon chérie,

Since my BB didn’t work all day long until now I had a lot of time to think again about my words from yesterday. From the distance I see crystal clear what a huge mistake I’ve made.


I take your point that to keep my thoughts to myself is no solution and not helpful at all.

Your silence just confirms this.

Besides it would be totally out of character for me.


Therefore I’ve taking-the-inward-turn and have reflected once again about the whole topic.

So I became convinced that I needed to question what I had believed so far and to consider it from different angles.


While I did this I found out that I was lead by my fear and my love for you, since I was so afraid you could end up being seriously harmed. But meanwhile I remembered that even Buddha once did what you do right now, without getting harmed in the process. And suddenly I understood what you are looking for.


And I feel ashamed of myself for being so blind before and for not having faith enough that you for sure know what you do, since you always trust your gut. Maybe I even have misunderstood one of your messages as I had thought you wanted me to hold you back.


Please forgive me for being so blind and making you feel bad, my love. I really should have known it better. I can only learn from my mistakes and make it better in the future.

Forgive me that I haven’t realized earlier that you have to cross your own boarders when you want to gain some extraordinary experiences in life.


You can be sure I won’t tell you something like you’re looking great, when it’s not what I feel, as I would lie to you then. But what I can tell you, with my deepest conviction, is that you are going to represent what you want to represent in the best way possible and for sure you have my absolute deepest respect for your colossal discipline.


I don’t know one single person, incl. myself, who is as disciplined as you, my love. Chapeau!


Truth to be told, I’m truly glad to know you’re okay and I wish you all the strength you need and that you may find what you are looking for.


Feel yourself tenderly caressed, ma cherie.You can be sure, I’m with you in spirit.


Gute Nacht & lots

of love. F

eel yourself embraced in a looo

ng and tight warm-hearted hug and very

gently kissed on your cheek. 🙂 ♥ Xo 

Always yours,





P. S.



P. S. II I miss you!


*blows you a lovingly kiss over the ocean*


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