If I’ve learned one thing about me in my life, it is that I’m someone who is aware of tradition. I think I have taken over this from my mother, who always showed us how nice and important it is to maintain traditions.

She taught me that it’s good to create own traditions as well and not only to follow the long-known securely established ones.

Therefore I took her advice to my heart and created my own traditions over the years.

One of those traditions was already born many years ago with my mom.
We had a favorite Italian ice cream parlor here in town, where we had been regular guests for many, many years. Over the time we even became friends with the owner and his wife.

Since the year one it was common that this family opened their gelateria from the middle of February until the middle of October each year, while they went back to Italy from October until February.

One year when the gelateria Pia opened again eventually we started just for us to kick off the annual ice cream-season ‘officially’ in February and ended it ‘officially’ in the middle of October. From that year on it became a tradition for us as well, as for the team of the gelateria.

In the course of time some friends of mine joined us and we had always a lot of fun

When my mom passed away Hanne, one of my closest friends and I decided to continue this tradition and so it still lasts up to date.

Just today, two weeks ago, we ended this year’s ice-cream-season.
Since it was too cold for ice-cream that day we celebrated the end of the season this time with delicious fresh baked waffles with hot cherries, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

The strange thing is, that with each year that passes by, our good-bye to the team becomes more and more emotional on both sides and one thing is for sure, we all are already looking forward to February, when the winter break is over and we see’ll each other again, hopefully in good health.

Here are some impressions…


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