Friday, 14 September 2012

Dearest Cleo,

I thought the historical day of the world premiere of ARTIFACT at the tiff. would be a good day for writing you a letter. 🙂

How are you doing, Cherie?
Are you so super- excited for the premiere tonight, too?

Meanwhile I’m really nervous and curious about the way the audience is going to response to the film Jared has made with so much blood, sweat and tears.

I almost can’t believe that tonight is the night, after such a long time of making this documentary.

It’s good to know that the team will be part of the premiere, too.
So bad Tomo is still not fully recovered.
Hopefully is someone going to film the Q & A tonight.

Yes I confess, I ♥ Jared’s interviews. Can’t help it! 🙂

In the afternoon I read the interview in realscreen and learned that the band is still $1.7 million in debt. This is so unfair!!! They worked their asses off and are still in dept with such an enormous amount. I always thought that there had to be some debt left, but I had no idea it could be that massive. 😦 It makes me very sad and I understand some things much better now.

Yes, I’m getting better every day by now.
As it had turned out, two of my Qigong exercises are truly helpful to become healthy again.
I know, it takes time and patience and I have no doubt everything will be fine again in the end.

There is something I worry about more at the moment, I have to admit, since I have to end an acquaintanceship to a woman which was supposed to become a friendship, but unfortunately had turned out to be unworthily.

Something like that is never easy for me, but I know that sometimes goodbye is the only way, before it’s too late and I’ll end up hurt again.


What do you think about expectations people have to other people?
I ask you this because I was asked what I would expect from you-know-who recently and I told him that I don’t expect something from him. Later I thought he might misunderstand me as I hadn’t explained my answer any further.

You know, I’ve learned over the years that great expectations are often the cause for a lot of trouble and problems between people. Therefore I gave up having expectations to others. Nowadays I take it as it comes and I’m fine with it. It eases life immensely and saves you from disappointments.

Oh Cherie, I envy you a little bit tonight for having your seat in the cinema and to watch ARTIFACT. But I have faith in Jared that he won’t let us wait longer then absolutely necessary, once the screenings at the tiff. are over. Or what do you think? I’m already looking forward to a VyRT premiere. 😉

Now it’s time to wish you an extraordinary night at the premiere and afterwards. Have fun and enjoy the evening with all your friends and a lot of popcorn.

Have a real good time, Cherie and feel yourself embraced in a warm-hearted virtual hug. 😉

Gute Nacht & lots of love 😉 ♥Xo

Always yours,


P. S: Would you please be so kind to tell you-know-who I love him lots and that I send him ♥Xo, too? 😉

Thank you very, very much. 🙂


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