From my heart

You asked what I expect of you.
What if I say: “nothing’?
But I have a wish.
Just be always who you really are.
Don’t change, not for me.
Because I love you just the way you are

No, I’m not perfect dear,
and for sure I’m not a book you can read in just one night.
What makes you think your love won’t be enough?
Why don’t you see you’ve already hit the mark
and that my heart belongs to you by now?
You can be sure I’m not gonna push you away.

Not anymore ‘cos those times are over.
Now I know I’m safe when I’m with you.
I’d love to hear whatever you want me to know,
as long as you tell me the tuth.
You are the reason why I can feel again
and I’ll gladly stay with you forever, if you want.

© The Storyteller’s Garden


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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