Home Sweet Home…

A glance at my calendar told me this morning that today is the day when I moved into the rental flat in which I’m still living in 2006. Unbelievable I already live that long here.

When I recall this day I still have to smile because of the unexpected surprise I got around half past two in the middle of the night, when my favorite cousin Andrea and I were still unpacking boxes in my bedroom.

When I sat down on the corner of my bed to have a small break, it made BOOM! and I sat almost on the floor on the mattress, thanks to those incompetent furniture movers, who were obviously unable to rebuild my bed. I will never forget my cousin’s dumbfounded face when she realized what had happened.

We looked at each other and burst into loud laughter, when we learned that I was okay besides the little shock in the moment when the bed broke down. I can remember we both kept laughing like crazy for a while, after I got up again, because my cousin reminded me of a time when I lived in my first own rental flat and I had once told her that my bed there had been crashed one night because of… hmm…, lets say… intense love making with my former boyfriend.

Besides, I still believe this should be the only legitimate reason why a bed should collapse. 😉


My cousin and I still had the problem with the bed and no idea how to fix it. So I made a phone call to my ex-husband, who had moved in that day into the flat above mine. Of course he was fast asleep and not very amused that he had to come down and rebuild the bed. But he did it and as always when he does something, it was build to last this time. In the meantime the night was almost over and all everyone wanted at that point was to go to sleep. So we called it a night.

So much for the first night in my new home…

It’s quite funny with this flat anyway, because on the date of the flat viewing it was in the middle of remediation measures. The landlord proudly presented me naked walls, electric cable hanging out of unfinished walls, no floor surface etc., etc, ect.

I can tell ya, you truly needed a good imagination to see the place it would become, once the refurbishment measures would be finished. I took a look around and loved it from the start.
Not least because you have, due to the good address, the feeling as if you’re most of the year living in a green oasis amidst the city, with all those old trees around and the small park vis-à-vis.

Last week I happen to stumble over photos during the time towards the end of the renovation work. That’s what my home looked like back then:



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