A cheer for…

…the osteopaths and their amazing techniques of osteopathic treatment!!!

Honestly, I just came home from an osteopathic treatment and I can’t even explain how deeply grateful I am still, for having been introduced to my wonderful Belgian osteopath, many years ago, when I had a lumbago, as this man for sure knows his craft. He puts his ability to the test every time again whenever I need his help.

Pretty much as just today when he managed to free me from excruciating pain. A pain, caused due to a pinched nerve at my neck, which had already ruined my whole evening yesterday, since I ended up being a picture of weeping misery.

I can’t even count the many times anymore when this man had helped me and therefore I feel the need to take up the cudgels for the representatives of this guild of craftsmen.

As far as I’m concerned I would never again let a chiropractor touch any part of my body, but anytime again an osteopath, due to a really bad experience with a chiropractor, who according to an orthopaedic surgeon, probably has caused the disc prolapse in my neck before my coma.


If you want to learn more about osteopathy, please take this path:



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