…the followers of my blog already know is Sylt, the island in the North Sea, very dear to me.

Thanks to a kiss by my favorite muse who just brought some sheep back to my mind I remembered that I’d love to share a little bit of my passion for this outstanding place with you.

In case someone of you is wondering now about the association form sheep to Sylt…
This is pretty easy to explain since there are a lot of sheep living on this island and I happen to have a soft spot for sheep.

The funny thing with the Sylter sheep is that they answer you if you ‘talk’ to them with a “baa” while you take a walk with them on the dike. Some of them even come closer then.
It’s a lot of fun I can tell ya.

Last week I watched a very interesting 30 minutes long documentary on NDR TV about the well known island photographer Hans Jessel, who is famous for taking the most breathtaking photos and capturing the soul of this island full of contrasts in them. The NDR film team accompanied him on his home island while he was looking for the ultimate photo scene.

It was a true pleasure for me to see all those beautiful impressions of Sylt and I realized that watching a film about my favorite island had back the comforting and calming effect it used to have in the past, before I got this emotional breakdown because of the Frisian Cookies in June. It’s a real good feeling to know this!

Out of respect to the copyright of Hans Jessel’s work I won’t post photos taken by him here, just a collage of my own calendar postcards.

To be continued below the photo…

Nevertheless I’d like to entrust you. to take a first look here: and then to visit his website and to explore more of his work by yourself. Just follow this path:

Further more I’d like to entrust you to watch the documentary in the NDR Mediathek. I can guarantee you’ll get a very unique impression of the island, even if the film is in German.

Take a look here:


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