El Greco and Modernism

Yesterday evening I finally managed to visit the well worth seeing exhibition ‘El Greco and Modernism’ at the Kunstpalast here in Düsseldorf.

Since the exhibition ends on Sunday, 12 August 2012 it was pretty crowded, which is not really my cup of tea while a museum’s visit.

To my opinion El Greco was in his time what we would nowadays call a wild punk.
The intense brightness of the colors in his paintings has something magnetic. At least for me. Because the colors as well as the spiritedness of the paintings fascinated me very much.

Sad to say it wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the exhibition rooms.
Therefore I can just share photos of two postcards I bought and some local impressions.


…I found the video below on You Tube so you can receive an impression of some of El Greco’s paintings.





Please follow this link to watch the video since the embedding function was disabled by request: http://youtu.be/OUUTvqUytC0

An informative article about the exhibition:

Making of El Greco und die Moderne (=El Greco and Modernism):


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