Saturday, 28 July & Sunday, 29 July 2012


Dearest Cleo,

First and foremost let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your angelic patience, ma Cherie.

How are you doing?
Do you still enjoy your work, or do you enjoy some leisure time for a change?

I’m fine again since the hot summerly temperatures finally cooled down, thanks to the thunder storms from yesterday. I’m definitely a winter-child since I feel more comfortable when it’s not too hot.

Besides it’s so much easier to put on more clothes when you’re freezing, than to take them off when it’s too hot, right? 😉

My summerly pleasant temperature is around 25 degree Celsius. Everything beyond that is not so much my cup of tea I have to admit. What’s yours?

Since I watched the Olympics opening ceremony in London yesterday; I wonder if you watched it as well.

If you did, I hope you watched it live via the BBC stream, since NBC obviously broadcasted the event 3 hours delayed AND cut out a lot, as I’ve read on twitter & Focus online today. I still cannot believe that they seriously cut out the punk tribute and the Britpop section. I mean, WTF???

That much for the land of the free…
What a bad joke!!!

No offense; but honestly the hypocritical double standards in your country are truly unprecedented.

What I loved the most about the ceremony was the fact that even the MARS spirit was in the stadium also, in form of all those giant triads.

All things considered did the Brits a pretty good job. Even when I have to admit that the opening ceremony in Beijing 2008 is still my favorite so far. It was simply pure perfection!

My personal highlights this time, besides the amazing selection of music, were the musical survey through the modern ages, the appearance of Rowan Atkinson, worldwide also known as Mr. Bean, during the Vangelis theme ‘Chariots of Fire’, Mike Oldfield, the short film with Daniel Craig, alias 007 as he escorted the Queen herself, the magic moment when the Olympic flame was lit and of course Sir Paul McCartney’s performance at the end.

In case you’d like to know the details, here’s the full playlist of the event:


Don’t worry dear, I’m going to change the topic now, beginning with one of my favorite Monty Python quotes:

“And now for something completely different…” 😉

You wanted to know if his love makes my head spin.
Well, the answer is “yes” and “no”, I don’t want to love someone else.
Besides I’m sure I couldn’t do this anyway.

My ♥ is hard to win, but you-know-who managed the almost impossible and since I don’t easily fall for someone it’s seriously no game for me.

As you know, there’s so much more to him than what meets the eye.
But no need to worry Cherie! I can assure you, I don’t think that I know him, since for sure I don’t, at this point of whatever we have. But I hope that his faith in me will be strengthened enough at some point, that he recognizes I would never abuse it. The same applies for him of course vice versa as well.

Of course I can only piece by piece put together parts of the whole picture from what I know already and what he is willing to reveal about himself.

Cleo you know, sometimes I wonder if he wishes I would be less free in my behaviour, or if he wishes I would take less liberties than I do, since I’m used to do everything my way and at my own pace.

I mean, I’m a Sagittarius, which is not always easy to handle for others since people born under this sign are rather independent people.

I’d give one the shirt off my back, but only freely and not because someone exerts leverage on me. You know what I mean?

Of course I have no intention to hurt someone, or someone’s feelings and I care if what I do has an effect on somebody else. Therefore I try my best to be careful enough not to inflict wounds or to leave bruises on other people. But I’m only human and as such I make mistakes.

But I have trust in him that he might be the one who is able to handle me. After all he’s a bright spark, right? 😉

Have a wonderful evening and a beautiful Sunday!
Please be good to yourself, Cherie.

Stay healthy and feel yourself embraced in a long warm-hearted virtual hug. 😉

Gute Nacht & lots of love 😉 ♥Xo

Always yours,


P. S: Oh, and would you please tell you-know-who I told you to say him that I love him lots and that I send him ♥Xo, too. 😉

Thank you sooo much. 🙂


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