Monday, July 16, 2012

Dearest Cleo,

How are you, Cherie?
It’s good to learn your work is going so well. 🙂
I hope it continues like this since you seem to enjoy the working process that much.

To answer your question…
Yes, I’ve sent you the pictures recently to open up a door for you-know-who. Just in case that one day he might feel the desire to go one step further. But please tell him, that there is no need to rush this though. I feel perfectly fine with the pace whatever it is between us is growing. Especially since I believe that when something is here to stay, it should take its time to grow.

You know, when I read the words again on the sheet of paper which I’ve posted yesterday I realized that he wouldn’t have had any chance to come that close to my heart when we both would have met under other circumstances, or if we would have lived in the same city.

Because I would not have let that happen simply as a form of self-protection and I’ve to admit, I’m still not sure if I’m really ready again for something like a new relationship yet. But since this is out of the question now, I feel pretty safe with the physical distance between us.

It gives us the time to let everything take its course slowly and to get to know each other better. Even though it’s not always easy to know, or to find out what he actually wants from me, which unfortunately sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

What I know for sure at the moment is, that I feel a deep platonic love and an enormous amount of tenderness for him and that these feelings are getting stronger and stronger the more I learn about him. But of course whatever the future may bring to us is written in the stars and only time will tell.

One thing is for sue. He never ceases to amaze me. His love gifts are truly the most unique and most beautifully I’ve ever got. He has an ability to touch my heart and my soul so deeply like no other had before in my entire life. Sometime he makes me smile and cry at the same time, while my heart melts away. Some other times; he even awakes long forgotten desires in me. Surely he has the gift to bring out my playful and flirty nature.

I tell you something. Love gifts like his are more dearly to me than anything someone could ever buy for money. I’ve never been into expensive presents like jewellery etc. To me it was always more important that a gift comes from the heart and I still believe that the best gifts are those you cannot buy.

Like the progress we’ve made recently since he managed that I don’t want to run away from him any longer, even if I’m on the verge to seriously fall for him. 🙂 He seems to be what is called a good man, don’t you think?

TR actual blog entries have proved once more why his ‘Diary’ is one of my favorite non-MARS websites. For example take the photo ‘Why Me’…

Isn’t it absolutely amazing that Mother Nature found its way to sprout shoots again on this stub of a tree? It almost has something magical and symbolic, don’t you think? The miracle of life! 🙂

The photo ‘Before Botox… After Botox’ brought back my aversion against this hellish stuff to mind. I mean… hello…. This is a nerve POISON!!!

How stupid must one be to inject this stuff by choice into the body?
And for what? Just to satisfy the commonly received obsession with youth at the cost of people’s health? That’s so unnatural.

Okay, maybe I overreact a little bit due to the fact that I know what consequences serious nerve damages can have to a person’s life, but I’m sorry I have a problem to respect people who lack the strength of character to grow old gracefully, showing a face telling the story of a life lived.


I think I should close this letter now since my bed is already calling and I want to pay my favorite website a visit and I also want to listen to a certain playlist from the owner of my ♥ before I cuddle my pillow.

Please be good to you, Cherie and behave yourself!
Otherwise I’ll kick your sweet butt. 😉

Have a nice evening and feel yourself embraced in a warm-hearted virtual hug.

Good afternoon & lots of love 😉 ♥Xo

Always yours,



P. S: Please tell you-know-who that I love him lots & that I send him ♥Xo. Thanks. 🙂


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