Looking back…

It’s Sunday again and this time only one topic is the result I still consider worth sharing with you from all the themes which had caught my interest during the past week.

Unfortunately for my international readers it is a German topic about the Renaissance of sex education.

To quote the WDR WEST ART Report:

50 years ago, sex education was still a scandalous topic. Oswalt Kolle and Beate Uhse are dead, sex is long an omnipresent topic in advertising, fashion and media. Generation Sex till you drop … and then appears in 2012 suddenly a book that is just having sex education as goal and shoots in a very short time in the bestseller lists reaching apparently not only the young target group, but also information-thirsty adults.

The sex therapist Ann- Marlene Henning and the journalist Tina Bremer- Olszewski have written with ‘Make Love’ a sex education book for the twentieth century. Invent new they could not. But, and this is exciting, they have shifted the priorities.

‘Make Love’ is a sex education book. Nothing more. And yet, in the combination of photos, graphics and text succeeds a book which makes you want to feel the lust. By the way, adults can also learn something from it.

The book uses the nowadays already existing media knowledge of the reader and educates. It gives advice such as the fact that boys should not move the hand but rather the pelvis while masturbate because the orgasm is much better.

Book Tip
Ann-Marlene Henning, Tina Bremer-Olszewski: ‘Make Love’ – A sex educational book
Publisher: Rogner & Bernhard, 2012
Price: 22,95 €

SOURCE & Video: WEST ART MAGAZIN from Tuesday 10 July 2012



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