Looking back…

… is a new weekly column, which I originate from now on, to share themes and ideas that caught my interest during the past seven days and which I still consider worth thinking about by the end of the week.

I think Sunday is the perfect day to take a look back and here is the result:

 Naked flames in Munich – Spencer Tunick’s latest installation ‘The Ring’ is inspired by Andreas Kriegenburg’s new Ring cycle production for the Bavarian State Opera.

 View the photos & Learn more here →

 Spencer Tunick’s Homepage: http://www.spencertunick.com/

 “Götterdämmerung” from Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle premiered on 30. June, 2012 at the Bavarian State Opera with a very intersting and modern instalment by director Andreas Kriegenburg. Learn more here →

 “The hyperactive Society – our society has forgotten how to focus on one thing” states Philosopher Christoph Türcke in his actual book ‘Hyperaktiv! Kritik der Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitkultur (= Hyperactive! Criticism of attention-deficit culture).

 Is it possible to forge a bridge between Jean-Jaques Rousseau’s philosophy of nature and the current contentious debates about sustainable development?

 ‘Der Bernd’(= The Bernd) by Carlos Gerstenhauer is a touching documentary by Constantin Film about German filmmaker Bernd Eichinger, who died on 24 January 2011 in Los Angeles, of a heart attack. In my opinion, an absolutely watchable film for those who themselves have a deep passion for filmmaking and film. Unfortunately is the film actually not available in English.

 “If you do not even believe in yourself, you will never achieve great things.” ~ Anders Zorn, Swedish painter (‘Our daily bread’, National Museum Stockholm)


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