How The Storyteller’s Garden came to its name

Have you, dear reader, ever wondered how I came up with the name of my blog?
Well, today you’ll get the answer.

On August 3 in 2008 I watched a travel documentary about Great Britain on TV and I was told the story of England’s best storyteller, Taffy Thomas and his garden.

They said that without him it is an ordinary, although very beautiful garden. But with him the garden becomes magical. The garden becomes ‘The Storytellers Garden’.

Here you can hear stories like the one of a mayor who was searching his successor, told by Taffy Thomas. If you like, you can watch this also on the video below.

Taffy Thomas said in the interview he had always been interested in stories, but that he also had been a fire-eater and an actor. At least until he got a stroke when he was 35. Then he began to tell stories, in order to learn to speak again.

So he became a storyteller and was able to give a new meaning to his life. A storyteller, who is very happy to be still here; even when he cannot completely move his left side yet, as he said.

His wife gives him a helping hand wherever she can. One of the most precious things they own; is the 5000 Euro expensive story-coat, designed by Europe’s best cloth designer. He said he wanted to find a way to pass the control over to the audience, to let them chose the stories and he knew he had to become some kind of a jukebox for it. So he came up with the idea of a story-coat. Every picture on this coat is a story. When someone points on a certain picture Taffy Thomas tells this story. Actually he knows more than 300 stories to tell.

But not only is the choice of his stories huge, he also thinks about places where he can tell them and takes his visitors out on a walk along the river opposite to his garden. At each corner he tells a story or a little riddle. The walk ends back at the storyteller’s garden, where Taffy Thomas says good bye to his listeners by reminding them that if speaking would be more important than listening, we would have two tongues and only one ear, after he had bestowed them a morning full of stories and wisdom from which they can live off for a long time.

The man himself and his history fascinated me and I happened to think ‘The Storyteller’s Garden’ could be a great pen name if I ever wanted to have a blog.

Wondrously I kept this idea in my mind until I finally was ready to start this blog on August 1, 2010. I just decided to take an alternative form of spelling and here we are… 🙂


About The Storyteller's Garden

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