Tuesday, 3 July & the early morning of Wednesday, 04 July 2012

Dearest Cleo,

First and foremost, how are you?
How is your creative work going?

Hopefully you haven’t got a scare by my latest blog entry yesterday. :/
As I wrote, it was no easy decision to share the hardest part of my life, but the time was come and I had the feeling to owe this to you-know-who. Does that sound weird to you?

I tried to write it as neutral and factual as possible without getting too emotional.
It felt weird to recall all those memories, but now that I’ve done it I feel better. It’s almost as if had it been a necessitative final point to this chapter of my life.

When I had blogged the entry yesterday I realized afterwards what had hurt me the most about the loss of one of my bff’s and my husband. It was the simple fact that this was the worst form of rejection I’ve ever had. Not even at the time when my father had left our family I had felt that rejected.

It was almost impossible for me to understand. Because I, as human, hadn’t changed at all and yet two people I had loved so dearly let me down, just because my body needed too much time to recover. Today I understand that they couldn’t deal with this situation otherwise, but truth to be told I’m still unable to describe how much it has hurt me, when it happened back then. I mean, I knew my female friend since I was 15 and her behaviour rose to question all the years we had been such close friends. And yes, I still miss her but there is no going back. I forgave her, but I will never forget.

Anyway! That’s all over now and it’s high time to focus again on the here and now. The most important thing is that I didn’t become bitter, I came alive instead. Nothing else matters! 🙂

Mon dieu! I cannot believe it’s that long ago, since my last letter to you… I don’t even dare to say I’m sorry. 😦 Sometimes I’m such a bad person, but I hope you know that you are always on my mind anyway. Tempus fugit – amor manet, right? 😉

Damn I’m so f-king excited about all those new songs MARS is teasing us with lately and I’m curious as hell about the next VyRT. What about you?

Aha, that’s interesting! I’ve just seen Jared has chosen my 2 favorite photos from TR’s latest photo shooting for his new ‘Death By Flash T-Shirt’ on his merch shop at JaredLeto.com. Now I know why he had not chosen those photos for his blog recently. 🙂

By the way I think those T-Shirts are the perfect anti-paparazzi tees for Hollyweird’s celebrities. The speech is simply ingenious, don’t you think? 😉

Honestly, this man never ceases to amaze me with all his brilliant ideas and thoughts. Like this nice short film he made with RG lately to promote this cute new Wolf Spirit Hood. This is the perfect example how to plug for your products undemonstratively but effective.

Hmm…, I wonder what happened to the tees from the recent polls. Do you have any idea which could make it into the shop? 😉

While I was reading the comments on the latest both shirt-polls recently, I couldn’t deny that the message is read clear. Obviously many MARS family members still want and expect meaningful things from the noble house of MARS. This took me a little bit by surprise, but on the other hand I’m truly glad about this fact. Seriously! Because it shows that those people are not as superficial as I have thought.

You have been wondering how I manage it to keep a distance towards you-know-who from time to time. Well, as you can imagine it is not easy, I have to admit. I found out, it works best as long as he doesn’t start another charm offensive with new pics, etc., you know what I mean. 😉

I just got an idea for Jared’s merch name.
What do you think about ‘JL – Suum Cuique’ or ‘JL – At Astra’?

Oh, and in case you wondered where the photo of my cousin’s dog has gone… Her domestic partner did not want Sancho to be on the internet. Unfortunately she hadn’t asked him before she gave me the permission to post the photo on my blog. So I took it off and everyone is happy again.

Time to go to bed now for me, cherie. 🙂

Have a wonderful evening and please take good care of yourself.

Stay healthy and feel yourself embraced in a long warm-hearted virtual hug. 😉

Gute Nacht & lots of love 😉 ♥Xo

Always yours,


P. S: Oh, and would you please be so kind to tell you-know-who I love him lots and that I send him ♥Xo, too. Thank you. 🙂


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