In the shadows

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Horror fiction
Note: Please bear with me, since English is not my native language.
Special note: I dedicate this story lovingly to my favourite muse.
Author & Copyright: The Storyteller’s Garden

In the shadows

Everyone knows that, right? These days when you get up in a bad mood, not really knowing why. When it happened to me the last time, about half a year ago, I swept like a Hurricane through my home town Dublin and left behind a terrible massacre in my bloodlust. I even went so far to paint the ancient symbols for water, earth, air and fire with his own blood on one of my victim’s bare upper body. What a pleasure it was. Dublin’s sewer system offered then, as so often, the best guarantee to make sure that the corpses would not see the light of day so soon again.

Fortunately, it happens to me very rarely that I wake up so grumpy. Today, for example, I woke up in a super-good mood at nightfall, right after the sun had disappeared glowing red behind the horizon and I jumped cheerfully out of my coffin, ready for action thirty minutes ago. I can’t wait to get something to bite between my teeth. Therefore I sit on watch here once again, in the shadows at one of my favorite hunting grounds, the Phoenix Park, lurking for the opportuneness to have breakfast finally.

Somehow this situation reminds me of this Abba song I’ve just heard on the way hither in the car radio. The lyrics fit almost perfectly. ‘I am behind you, I always find you, I am the tiger … “Hehehe, I probably should better rewrite the last line in ‘I am the hunter’.

Hmm…, I like the idea of having my own hunting hymn, singing it softly to myself, right before I go for the jugular of my prey. It has style. Why the hell did I get this wonderful singing voice as a gift from God otherwise?

I can already see the pure horror on their faces, can even smell their fear…
Hold on, the fear which spreads its delicious fragrance here is real. It seems to come from the walker dead ahead. Just like the irresistible aroma of my favorite blood type B positive.

Well, if that’s not a good night to go hunting.

“I am behind you, I always find you, I am the hunter…“

The End

₪ ø ιιι •o.


Music: Abba – Tiger


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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