Homo homini lupo

A warning: This story is for adults only!!!
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Horror fiction
Note: Since English is not my native language; I guess there will be some mistakes in here. So please bear with me.
Special note: I dedicate this story to my favourite muse.
Author & Copyright: The Storyteller’s Garden


Homo homini lupo

It was well after midnight in an uncomfortably cold and rain-damp autumn night. Nevertheless, the specially for this business meeting rented conference room in the thirtieth floor of the office building in New York’s modern business district, Battery Park City in lower Manhattan was brightly lit.

Two of the men who were all dressed in black suits have been deep in conversation for hours with the aristocratic-looking woman, while a third, much younger man, sat motionless in a submissive posture with bare torso on her right side on the floor. Various designs for a new advertising campaign flyer were spread before them on the round, white table.

“Don’t you think that these photos are too bold, Rhea?” Maximilian, the eldest and going grey, began to speak again and looked questioningly at the timeless looking beauty in her black figure-hugging costume. Rhea Silvia shook her head so vigorously that her fiery red flowing hair whirled. Her green eyes narrowed to slits, which gave her face something predatory.

“No Max, I totally don’t think so. I think these pictures bring our message perfectly across, because almost every fetish from Bloodplay to S & M, including bondage will be addressed, As you know our company name ‘VE-Film-Production’ stands for ‘Vampire Eroticism’, right? That means the identity of our company stands for erotic films with Vampires for Vampires, on the highest level and in the highest quality. Therefore our clients can expect some appetizers from us.

From our own experience, we all know too well that you eat with your eyes first! So I think it’s perfectly all right if full female breasts are visible on the front of the flyer and if thick drops of blood are pouring out of the nipple on the right breast, while the hand with the needle, which has earlier pierced it, withdraws.

I think it’s okay to have mapped different varieties from the S & M and bondage area, to the two inner pages of the flyer, while the view on the back should just show two small photos of our popular blood orgies next to the written information. Or what do you think Marcus?”

The black-haired man looked thoughtfully again at the presentation and finally nodded. “You’re right, as always, my dear,” he said, smiling, with his dark eyes wandering full of desire over the bare chest of Rhea’s blood slave. The slender young man with the long blonde curls who did not dare to look up to one of them, had impressed him from the moment when he had entered the room.

Of course Rhea Silvia didn’t miss the glance. With a very satisfied smile, she leaned comfortably back in her Corbusier chair. “Now that all contracts are signed and sealed and we have appointed each other as our heirs and since we agreed about the new flyer we can finally move on to the more pleasant part of the night, right?“

She put her blood-red painted forefinger into the studded black leather collar of her twenty years of blood slave and slowly pulled him closer to her while she got up and swept the table empty with an energetic hand movement.

“What do you think if I invite you on a really delicious drink now to celebrate the day, guys?” Both Marcus and Max could hardly hide their lust, which overtook them at the thoughts of how their delicious drink would probably taste and if they would be allowed to have their way with him later as well. With a sly smile and gently lulling words, Rhea urged the young man to sit down on at the edge of the table before she suddenly pushed him with both hands so hard against his chest that he toppled backwards and hit his head hard on the table.

The impact befuddled his senses mercifully to an extent so he did not feel the stinging pain, when Rhea tore the skin below his heart with her long sharp fingernails. “Please help yourself! The bar is open” she said, grinning cynically and stepped aside while she took in the sight of the blood running ever so slowly from the body down to the white table where it formed a small puddle.

The irresistible mineral smell of fresh warm blood which now filled the air, awakened the desire in all vampires to let their fangs sink into the pale skin of their victim, but all three were masterfully controlled. “Ladies first, my dear” Marcus gave Rhea with a welcoming gesture precedence. “Oh, yeah, I see! You guys don’t trust me.” Rhea smiled sympathetically as she walked slowly around the table to the right side.

There she leaned so cleverly over the body of the still unconscious young man that the two male vampires were long enough distracted by the sight of her out flashing breasts to allow her to bring along the syringe, containing a mixture of blood of a dead man with Absinthe and to positioned it so that, even as she drank, she could inject the prepared mixture slowly through the trouser pocket into the groin of her blood slave.

In this way she had just enough time to pull back in time before the poison could exert its lethal effect, after her companions had become greedy and pushed their fangs into the left and right carotids of the unfortunate victim. “Oh, I’m afraid I’ll miss my delicious Remo. He was a real treat. I hope you greedy bastards appreciate the big sacrifice I had to make to send you to kingdom come” told Rhea the terrified vampires who already began to suffer from the poison with an ice-cold tone in her voice.

Rhea stroked one last time gently over the silky curls of her favorite, before she turned away from the two vampires so she had no longer to witness the death struggle of those men who once had killed one of her former lover and his entire family. She thought about how long she has needed to find and identify them both and to put her plans for revenge into action, and how good it felt now that she had finally made it. Since ancient times, her attitude had not changed. For her it was still an eye for an eye. Just like her husband the God of War had taught her long, long ago.

~ The End ~


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