A dream is conquering the world?

Writer’s note: I’d like to take the present day, the anniversary of the death of Alexander the Great, as an opportunity to remind the world on his biggest dream.


A dream is conquering the world?
Globalization in a different view, or the revival of a great dream…

Why does the world actually not follow the dream of Alexander the Great and unites its cultures, as once in Alexandria, rather than continuing to fight each other?

A very good question, which I want to pass to all of you dear readers first, but afterwards also to all men; including the present ‘ruler’ worldwide. With the request to think about it and in the hope that one or the other may understand them as an idea, to recognize the positive aspects of globalization and to act accordingly.

A question to which I was inspired by a report about Alexandria, from the documentary series “Reisewege zur Kunst“ (= Routes travelled towards Art), which the Austrian TV station 3sat broadcasted on 13 July 2010 and which I cannot get out of my mind ever since.

Wouldn’t it be great if the great dream of the Macedonian conqueror and king would still come true in the not too distant future? Much greater than even he had ever dared to dream about it?

If I personally think about it, I must confess, I would like to be a part of those who continue to write the history of mankind in such a way.

What about you?

As the famous Hollywood director Oliver Stone once said in an interview, Alexander’s influence is huge on world history, because he was an early globalizer, an internationalist and a man who had not wanted to limit himself to be just a Macedonian.

A united world that was his idea – his dream.
Alexander’s idea of globalization meant all world cultures would merge into one.

The example of the first city Alexandria, founded by Alexander himself, shows clearly that the idea of a union of cultures for him always had priority.

Alexandria was a perfect example of the interplay between art and architecture. Sometimes as a peaceful coexistence, sometimes as a complete merger.

Let us follow the dream of Alexander the Great and let us create a truly multicultural, peaceful world together, based on the multicultural city Alexandria.

Let us all together make it come true, his dream of a global association of people and nations, for the benefit of all mankind and our wonderful, unique, but also endangered planet.

Of course we, as world population, have to meet completely other challenges nowadays, as those Alexander had mastered in his days, in ancient times.

The global climatic changes are just one example of why common thinking and action is more important than ever. Because whether we like it or not, we all have the same home – our beautiful planet, the good old mother earth. We all live under the same sky, under the same sun, regardless of our origin, our income or our religious orientation.

Let us even help our unique home planet, by merging into a global nation, beyond our cultural roots, without losing or denying them, simply by growing together into a multicultural world population.

Just as Alexander the Great once envisioned it for mankind, in ancient times.

Let us hold the belief that it is possible to make his dream come true, by doing our part, every single one of us, every day.

Am I a dreamer?
Yes, I am and I’ m proud to be a one, because out of dreams ideas are born, which change the world.

Dare to dream!
Just dream with me!

And then…
Follow your dreams – no matter what happens.
Because if we all follow the same dream, one day he may come true, for the benefit of all people on this planet.

Let us, all together make it come true, Alexander’s great dream.
More than 2,300 years after the greatest conqueror of the world already dreamed it and let us make our world a better place for all of us.
Because WE are the world in which we live.

© The Storyteller’s Garden


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