Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dearest Cleo,

First of all let me thank you for your patience and the time you’ve granted me liberally so I could come to terms with my crazy heart and the riot of my feelings. You can be sure; I’m sitting here with a really guilty conscience as I needed that long until I was able to write you a letter again. And now I even made things worse, because this letter has become so long and since English is not my native languages I needed even longer than I thought to write it. I’m truly sorry about that.

But, how are you doing?
Are you feeling well, mon cher?
I hope so!

You have been to a Coldplay show? I have to admit, this took me by surprise.
For some reason I haven’t expected that their music would be your cup of tea, but obviously you proved me wrong. 🙂 And? Did you like it?

I remember how amazing it was, when they played their open-air-show here at the Esprit Arena in August 2009 and over 50.000 people sung along ‘Viva La Vida’. What goosebumps I had.

Speaking of memories…

When I look back at the MARS VyRT the Laboratory event now, I realize it feels to me like most of the songs (especially the new ones) Jared sung that day were like a catharsis to me, which finally brought back my emotions into their proper balance and me back in the right direction.

Truth to be told I haven’t cried that much for ages as I’ve cried while watching the event live and as the Re-VyRT one week later. Still I have no idea if it was because of you-know-who, or Jared’s poetry, the music, or the combination of it all together, which touched me that deeply so I ended up losing control over my feelings in a way I haven’t known before. I had a pretty hard time struggeling & fighting with my inner demons from the past.

As you might already have imagined, I needed quite some time to bring back my emotions and desires under control, but I’ve finally made it. I learned a lot about myself during this time in the best way possible and I can assure you that I feel much more comfortable about my feelings towards you-know-who now. Truth is, I missed him a lot. Of course my feelings and my intentions are still the same and they won’t change, that’s for sure, but it’s okay for me now. Fortunately I’ve learned a very important lesson right in time. I think, to fear less and to love more is the better way, right?

And not to forget that there is something else which means a lot to me.
It always fascinates me how Jared and his music inspire my creativity. He lights such a passionate fire in me, like nothing and no one else can. I mean honestly, there is a reason why I lovingly call him my favorite muse.

You know, usually I get inspired by almost anything, but one thing is for sure, the way this man is able to inspire me is something truly special and unique. It almost feels like there is a magical bond between us.

For example; can you remember my story about the man who loved to dress himself as a woman every now and then? Besides of the documentary about this theme it was Jared’s blog entry ‘Real Men Wear Skirts’ which inspired me to create the character the way I did. And this is just one example out of many more.

And Now for Something Completely Different… 😉

Have you participated in the VyRT chat with Jared?
I have to confess I’m not a big fan of chats, since I find them mostly just a tremendous waste of time. But I decided to give it a try and locked me in for a while. What I found was an insane kindergarten, even at a time when the crashministerofpropaganda wasn’t online. Therefore I decided to leave and not to waste my time any longer when I could do something else like being creative instead.

And by the beard of Zeus when I read the screen caps from some chats the next day, I felt such a pity for Jared since most of the people seemed to have gone totally nuts when he finally came online. I doubt that chats between him, or other band members with the fans will be a pleasure as long as the people behave like that. What do you think?

Speaking of your opinion…

Do you have any idea why Jared recently tweeted a link via MARS to the Night of the Hunter blog entry he has posted on his blog one year ago? It reminded me how much I still wish there would be a Bartholomew Cubbins film with this title. Damn!!! I’m so sure it would again be an amazing masterpiece. I wonder if Jared & BC have already secretly made the film and just hide it. That would be such a great surprise, right? 😉

By the way, do you have any idea what has happened to the Mars Clip Mondays lately? I mean, it’s already the second week in a row without new clips. But maybe I’m the only one who misses them. :/

I’ve finally made up my mind about the next VyRT and I think to keep it special MARS should not do it too often. Maybe just once a month, or so. But what I personally would love to see more often are those personal phone calls to fans from Jared. Don’t ask why but for some reason I miss this.

Oh mon dieu! A few days ago I got a visit from a good friend who happens to be a MARS family member, too and who showed me one of those great MARS cartoon films with this amazing attention to details which used to be all over the internet a couple of years ago. I guess you know them, right? There is this one scene where Jared explains statistics to his band mates like who drunk the most coffee, or who got the most bras on stage and so on.

While I watched him I had a weird idea for VyRT. Since I always love to learn something new, I wonder if it wouldn’t be nice when Jared, or Shannon or Tomo would teach us something that they think everyone should know. What do you think?

And Now for Something Completely Different, again… 😉

It’s so wonderful that President Obama said the same-sex couples should be able to get married in the USA, too. I hope that he’ll win the election so he can make this happen for all the people who are waiting for this. In the end the only thing that matters should be love and not which sexual orientation one has, or am I wrong?

Are you going to see Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’ at the movies? I will probably watch it next week when my friend Krisztina is back from the funeral of her grandmother in Hungary. But I laughed so hard when I read the first review yesterday and they wrote: ‘Dark Shadows’ is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Some vampire violence and demonic sex.
One thing is already for sure – this film has a lot of music from the 70’s and therefore I’ll love the soundtrack. And who cares about some vampire violence and demonic sex? 😉

Awww this is too nice….
When I thought about what I wanted to write to you in this letter earlier I asked myself if I should ask you, if you would have an idea what might have happened to the SUPERMOONPHOTOFLASH and as I’ve just discovered thanks to Twitter, Jared must have read my thoughts since he has already posted wonderful photos on his blog in the meantime. I guess he had a lot of photos to look at, until he could make his final decision.

Hmm, speaking of decisions…
What do you think, if you-know-who could decide if he rather would have a quiet intimate night at home oppose to a night on the town, what would he choose? My instinct says he’d rather stay at home, but of course I can be wrong.

Have you already watched ‘GOD SAVE US ALL!!!!’; the film Jared brings up again and again and again lately? Since this man never does anything without a reason it is obviously that there is something he wants us to know. Because he has never before posted or mentioned a film that often.

Unfortunately I have the feeling like I get my wires crossed this time since besides the fact that Jared’s way too red eyes make me suspect he himself could be the devil, the only other hint I’ve found was this scary red blistering devilish figure with its red slitted eyes near the end of the film which of course could have taken him, too. I wonder if Jared will ever tell us what really has happened.

Ah, Jared and his secrets….
A combination I ♥ by the way. 😉

Which reminds me on the fact, that I still wonder what secrets he has brought home from his #3daysinthevalley. Damn, I can tell ya; this man is going to drive me crazy one fine day…
As well as Mr. you-know-who. 😉

But you know what? I won’t miss any one of them! For they already have my unconditional love and devotion. Besides it looks like at least one of them is well on his way to conquer my heart lately.

And before I risk getting too philosophical, I’ll better go to bed now.

Have a wonderful evening, mon cher.
Please take good care of yourself and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, too. 😉

Hope to see you soon.
Not Jared’s soon of course, for this would be way too long. 😉

Stay healthy and feel yourself embraced in a long warm-hearted virtual hug. 😉

Gute Nacht & lots of love 😉 ♥Xo

Always yours,


P. S. @}—>—-


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