Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 April 2012

Dearest Cleo,

Sorry for me being that late, but I couldn’t make it earlier due to a family meeting and this (long) letter.

How are you feeling today? Have you even slept a little bit, after this lively time with VyRT yesterday? At least I hope so. 🙂

It was such an overwhelming, unique and most amazing experience, wasn’t it? I loved the glimpse of the LIVE-DVD and ‘Artifact’ so much. Besides I wonder if ‘THIS IS THE LIVE ON MARS’ wouldn’t be an idea for a name of the DVD. What do you think? Just change ‘life’ into ‘live’ and voila… a brand new name with traditional roots is born…

Even those tiny initial difficulties at the beginning didn’t matter at all. At least not to me. I felt this nice palm tree had something meditative anyway. 😉

You know, for me is it a bit like when an automobile manufacturer brings out a new model. Almost every time there are a lot of growing pains in the first time. And so it is with every new product, if you ask me. People can only learn from those little problems. Just like Jared said at the end.

But I have to confess, I felt so sorry for him, for having that much trouble and all this additional pressure on his shoulders. I can imagine how stressed out he must have been. I mean, he had not even time to eat something all day long…

Therefore I was so thankful when his friend Robert gave him an avocado. Unfortunately he took only a tiny bite from it. But I know that from my own. When you have so much going on in your mind, you don’t even think about eating. Strangely I never forget to drink something. Which is kinda weird, isn’t it?

Speaking of weird thoughts…
Is it insane to be happy for Jared that he had at least this cute little monkey to cuddle with, right in the middle of all the stress? Because I was happy for him. I really was. So he could riskless got some tender loving care, without the Echelon becoming jealous and freaking out. It truly warmed my heart to see him with Ridley.

I was really glad when everything was going so well, after the rough beginning. Jared gave his all to make sure people would be satisfied in the end. He did a heck of a job and I think the most of them (including me) were more than happy about the nearly six hours MARS shared with us. It was an absolute grandiose experience, which I gladly would like to do any time again.

What about you? What did you think afterwards? Did you regret to have been part of it? No, you haven’t, right?

When it was over, around six in the morning here in Germany, I couldn’t sleep at all, I have to admit. Too many thoughts flashed across my mind and there was so much to mull over; thanks to the songs they played and especially thanks to the way Jared sung yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I was simply overwhelmed by his performance, while the lyrics from the new songs left me speechless for quite some time.

I have to confess, I would really love to hear, or read all the lyrics of the songs Jared has written so far for the upcoming album. It looks like he is going really into the deep, this time. To be honest, I’m now at a point where I would love to read every fucking lyric he has ever written. Tell me, is that weird?

After listening to all those deep and touching lyrics I feel more than ever the desire to get to know him better, so one day we may could talk about their true meaning, as well as about other themes we both seem to be interested in. Yeah, yeah I know… I can almost hear you in my mind; saying: “Sure dream on!” But thoughts & dreams are free, aren’t they? 😉


One thing is as certain as an Amen in a church – no secret and no lie will blow my mind! Why, you wonder? That’s easy. I’m not stupid and I’m not blind or deaf. As far as I know I’m also able to put two and two together. Or as I was told in the past; I’m one of the rare women who are able to think straight. Besides as you know, I’m a good listener, I can read between the lines and my instinct is pretty good, too. Any more questions?

But I almost got an emotional overkill when Jared sung ‘The Kill’ and ‘Save Me’, simply by the way he sung those wonderful songs. Both songs are because of their lyrics, as well as ‘Alibi’ and ‘Stranger in a strange land’ two of the most meaningful MARS songs to me. Don’t worry; I have many more, like ‘Was it a dream’ for example. While I think about it, I have to admit; my list is pretty long.

As you know for a long time it has been my wish to hear him singing more gently and to sing ‘Save Me’. The way he did both yesterday was simply mind-blowing. Never before I’ve heard him sing that soulfully. It was almost heartbreaking to listen to him and I couldn’t stop my tears from falling down. I cried a lot yesterday. The next time I burst into tears again while he sung ‘Stranger in a strange land’ and ‘Alibi’.

Later I almost cried my eyes out when he sung ‘Was it a dream’ for the final good bye, just because it was such an emotional moment anyway and then by the way he performed the song. Like he said; it’s hard to say good bye. Especially when you are emotionally involved. But even if I cried that much, I loved every one of these songs just in the way he performed them so much, I can’t explain.

And what should I say?
Since many people ignored Jared’s wish not to share the VyRT audio and video parts, I happened to be able to listen to all songs, except ‘Alibi’ again Saturday morning and once more I couldn’t stop crying. Just to hear this deep breath at the beginning of ‘Save Me’ almost breaks my heart, since this tells a story of its own. Honestly, this man has the ability to touch my heart and my soul, like no other. I wish him all the luck in the world.

I guess I’m truly way to sentimental….

Please make sure to you take good care of yourself, mon cher, so that your soul doesn’t feel the need to treat you with sickness. Will you promise me that, please? I hope you’ll have a wonderful rest of the weekend and you can take some time to spend in Mother Nature.

Lots of love & a good virtual warm-hearted hug,


P. S. And please tell you-know-who that I love him lots & that I already miss him. Nighty night! 🙂

P.S. II So and now I’m going to pay Jared’s blog a visit, since he has posted something new. 😉 ♥Xo


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