Everything is a question of the perspective

In a gentle, quietly and very charming way I was taught an important lesson yesterday:

Everything is a question of the perspective!

Everyone knows the story: you are confronted with news, new situations or a new topic and you form an opinion. You form your opinion based on your own experiences and preferences. Yet we forget all too often, that every thing has two sides and that our opinion is not the only valid one.

Even with the best intentions, we forget unfortunately that we do not have the right to judge a situation in which we are not even involved, or which we don’t know from personal experience. Because what some people might feel as too much pressure can in fact simply be another challenge for the persons concerned, which they like to face with gratitude. It always depends on the position of the beholder, right? Or, in other words everything is a question of the perspective.

Let me give you an example from my own life. Since I know firsthand how different life circumstances can be perceived by different people at the same moment. As happened nine years ago, shortly after I had the worst phase of my life, when I finally returned home from the hospital and my mother visited me. At some point during our conversation I told her how happy I was to be still alive, despite all the pain of the Polyneuropathy and despite the, due to the Coma, for the time being remaining motoric problems.

I will never forget the way my mom looked at me in this moment. She looked at me as if I had completely lost my mind and then she screamed at me for the first time in my life and wondered what kind of life that was that I now had to lead.

In her pain over what had happened to her beloved child, she had completely lost any vision of the future. And she has simply underestimated my enormous willpower. That willpower that had me kept calm and let me carry on, no matter how hard it was. That willpower with which I had survived everything before and with which’s help I intended to reconquer my physical abilities and to win my normal life back, piece by piece. Unfortunately my mother did not live long enough to witness my progress.

Like I said before…
Everything is a question of the perspective.

Thanks to you-know-who-you-are I have certainly learned my lesson. I’m really grateful that you thaught me this truly important lesson, so I will hopefully in the future no longer presume to judge situations; which I should not judge at all because of the lack of my own experiences.


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