Tuesday 24 April, 2012

Dearest Cleo,

How are you doing? Did you enjoy your weekend being out in Mother Nature? I hope so.

After I had to seclude myself from the world for a few days in order to stay focused on my work, I tried to catch up all the news I’ve missed during the weekend.

First of all I watched the bittersweet and touching VyRT teaser 2 with this beautiful sunset. A screenshot of it would be a nice background picture, wouldn’t it? 😉

As you can imagine I took immediately a closer look on the pin boards and researched those details which I couldn’t figure out by myself. Yeah, yeah too much passion, I know. 🙂

Just by reading all those titles I got a big lump in my throat and was on the verge of tears, because I could sense instinctively there is so much more written between the lines. So much anger, pain, and desperation. But also so much passion, fighting spirit, hope and believe.  The best example is ‘Resurrection (Jared’s Funeral)’.

While it cut me to the quick to read ‘Jared’s Funeral’, the title ‘Resurrection’ keeps the promise that he’ll rise again just like the Phoenix. A promise which holds the hope that all the pressure and burden he for sure still has to carry won’t break him down in the end.

Afterwards I learned to my horror that EMI Germany has by now announced that they expect a new MARS album by the end of the year. That combined with the way many fans are already freaking out with the fourth album in sight made me so angry that I had to go to the river Rhine, find me a big stone and throw it with full force into the river with a loud cry.

Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I have no faith in MARS and Jared’s extraordinary abilities. Quite the opposite; I believe that he is able to reach everything he wants with his iron will. I’m not at all angry at the band. I’m angry about the force of circumstances.

You know best how much I love MARS and how much they mean to me. Maybe I care too much, but that just the way I am. Therefore I simply wish the guys would be granted with more time.

At this early stage of their so well deserved and needed break, they shouldn’t already be pressured again by this damn label, a lot of other circumstances (we don’t even know the first thing about it) and all those selfish fans, who’ll never get enough, no matter how much the guys will give to them. You know what I mean, right?

Of course I would love to have new music from my favorite band, too. I would lie if I’d tell you something different. But not at any price and much less at the expense of the bands members health! I mean let’s face it! Nowadays the music business is the murderous Circus Maximus of the modern times. It takes a lot of strength to run the long distance. For that reason the artists need to re-charge their batteries as good as they can to stay healthy so they can still enjoy their work.

Of course you can tell me that this is none of my f-ing business. You can tell me also they are grown men who know what to do and of course you are right with both. But I simply can’t help myself to care for them. For I love these guys too much to watch them send to the slaughter by people who only care for money and not for the artists and their art.

Yes, I know the band should and need strike while the iron is hot. Especially since they still may have to fulfil their professional obligations to their label. I just wish they and mainly Jared would have more time and less pressure. That’s all.

Please forgive me if I bothered you with my thoughts. For some reason I thought you might want to know my opinion, too. 😉

Speaking of this…
Here’s what came to my mind by instinct right after watching the actual MARS clip.

To me the choice of this particular part in this week’s MARS Clip Monday is symbolic for what’s going on in the MARS fan base right now.

Sorry, but I see this part as a silent scream, saying: if my hot looks & my flesh is all you want from me; here c’mon, go grab it, torn me to pieces arka come break me down.

But maybe I’m wrong. Who knows? I would have to ask Jared to get the answer, right? 😉

Are you already counting the days until VyRT, too and are you as excited as I am? When Jared tweeted ‘this is going to be magical’ yesterday he really made me smile. That was one of those moments when I just want to give him a warm-hearted hug just because. Sometimes he really melts my heart away. I’m sure he is the most excited person of us all. I’m so looking forward to Friday now since he mentioned this magical thing. For I believe he has a lot of fine things for us in his brilliant mind. Ah, 3 hours MARS live and in color… I ♥ the thought about it.

Isn’t it such a grandiose and nice idea to make this VyRT fly away contest? Even if I’m a little bit worried since the lab is in their house as far as I remember. But if it really is; I bet he’ll blindfold the winners on their way to the house where the lab is. He won’t for sure make the mistake to underestimate his fanatic fans and their powers of recall. At least I hope so since he has a good common sense.

Oops, my bed is calling…

Have a good evening and sleep well later. Have the sweetest dreams and please take good care of yourself.

Gute Nacht & lots of love, 😉 ♥Xo


P. S. Thanks for everything. I love you lots you know that, right?


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