The magic of small gifts of love

Have you ever noticed that men have their very own way to express their feelings?

Much to the chagrin of many women, men often have difficulties with verbal declarations of love. Instead, they prefer to show their feelings through small gifts of love, with small gestures. When he assumes a hated task of his household for example just to ease the burden on the lady or the gentleman of his heart.

Incredible as it may seem to many, even just to watch a film together in which content he is actually not interested in, is an equally loving explanation as if a man accompanies his sweetheart to the opera, or to a rock concert just to make her (or his) day, even though he hates these kinds of music.

To surprise her (or him) with the long-awaited book, which she (or he) so enthusiastically gushed a while ago, is also a declaration of love, as if he plays her (or his) favorite song whenever the opportunity arises, or when he dresses the way he knows the partner likes it.

In other words, men show their love more through actions than with words, by responding to even the most secret wishes of their loved ones and by often defer even their own wishes and preferences.

Unfortunately, most women don’t appreciate such kind gifts of love, but are unhappy because they do not understand the language of this wonderful gesture. Instead, they do not feel loved enough and always harp, because, the men never or rarely tell them those famous three words. Sadly these women don’t even realize how blind they are.

Some of them even go so far as to punish their partner with withdrawal of love if they do not get what they expect and want. What a shame, because such behaviour destroys sooner or later every relationship. I never could and I’ll never understand why people think they could force their partner to do what they want, in the name of love, by a withdrawal of love and affection.

Besides that this is just cruel; it has nothing at all to do with love. To me it only shows weakness, insecurity and an abuse of power.

A truly wise woman would never act like this. With an inner smile she would be happy and satisfied about every little, but significant gift of love from her loved one instead. She would feel loved and in turn give him heartily what he longs for.

But that’s another story …


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