Writers note: Since I miscounted once in the past, I had to correct my mistake, so now this is the ‘real’ letter number 7.


Friday 23 March, 2012

Dearest Cleo,

Time flies, huh?
Long time no see, long time no type! 😉

How have you been in the meantime?
I hope you’re all right.
How is the progress of your work?
Are you satisfied with the result so far?

Me? I’m fine, just pretty busy. 🙂
Besides ‘you-know-who’ gave me a lot food for thought lately.
It’s so weird, that he is actually the only one, who is able to make me smile as well as he can provoke me, or even hurt my feelings like no one else could, or did for a very long time. But for some reason I happen to like it.

One thing is for sure. I’d love to have him teaching me everything he thinks I should know.
And to answer your question…Yes, he is and always will be absolutely worth that I make a fool of me! 🙂

On Monday I felt like a change and decided to get my hair cut finally, since it was almost reaching my butt. No need to worry though. My friend just cut 26 cm off and my hair still lies beneath my shoulder blades now. As you know I love long hair and therefore there is no way I would cut it short by choice. Apropos, how long is yours now? Not that I’m curious – I just would like to know it. 😉

And Now for Something Completely Different… 😉

You were wondering what I’ve been thinking about my favorite muse lately, right?
Hmm…, where to start?

To be honest, I’ve been thinking often about him during the past weeks.
Either because I loved the latest MARS Clip Monday clips so much, or because I just could have hugged him for his actual art blog entry. Or because he made me so damn curious about what he and the elves are going to drum up on VyRT. As you see; there is no way I can’t get him out of my mind. 🙂

Especially since he unknowingly reopened an old wound of my soul when he asked for the #DREAMSCAPE. This request brought back some memories which I had believed I had buried deep down in the dark. But who knows? Maybe its good that I have to face them again and finally can let them go. I’m working on it, thanks to him. Probably the resault will end up as entry on my blog, but I’m not sure about this yet.

Is it just me, or do you have the feeling as well that it looks like if he made a clean sweep on all his social network profiles? I personally find it very sad that he has deleted all his so rare and therefore so precious personal facebook posts. Even if I can understand him very well, after all those nasty comments on his latest personal statements. It’s just such a pity for people like you and me who love to get to know the ‘real’ man better, don’t you think so, too?

I see his behaviour as a clear statement, since he also deleted all the comments which have ever been made on his blog, after changing the program for comments. He even changed his Twitter avatar and colored all his profiles into simply black and white. To me it feels like he wanted to make a clear cut.

Somehow this clean sweep reminded me on an advice he once gave a guy on a radio show who asked him what he should do to get over a broken relationship. He told this guy to get rid of everything that reminds him of his girlfriend and to walk on.

Speaking of flashbacks…
I ♥ the #MARSflashbacks sooo much, you have no idea. I think it’s amazing that the band shares them with us. What about you? Do you have fun, too?

It’s so great to see the old clips again, from a time, when the guys were so much more light-hearted and less versed in doing interviews and other stuff.
It’s such a pity that most of the easygoingness from the early years got lost due to all the routine and pressure. I feel so lucky for knowing them long enough to have a lot of wonderful old school memories, too. But I’m also curious about our future together.

It doesn’t surprise me at all to see that Jared is already about to build his own business empire, since I’ve expected this for quite some time. As well as I already knew, that he would dream about carrying vegan products one day. Don’t ask it was just my gut feeling. To start with his lil store is such a grandiose idea, don’t you think?

As for now I’d love to see JL bookmarks with quotes of him for example, or for the MARS store I’d like to have MARS themed buttons to re-design some of my clothes in MARS style. I got this idea immediately when I saw Terry Richardson’s photo of Kat Von D and Jared. Now I wonder if other people maybe would like this idea too so the band could create some new merch items. What do you think?

Mon dieu! I was so glad when my favorite artist decided to post the actual photos of him by Terry Richardson on his blog instead of tweeting the links to Mr. Richardson’s blog as he unfortunately did for a while in the past. They had done so many great photo shoots together lately. Do you remember the photo where Jared stood in front of the red lips in TERRYWOOD? This photography is so amazing! It looks like there was a white arrow shot straight through his head, but it’s just an illusion. Oh, and I ♥ the photo with the flower in his ear.

Speaking of photographs… 😉
There was a re-tweet on my timeline yesterday with some pictures of him wearing his slipperz while he was walking down a street in Beverly Hills. Even if I’m a lil bit worried if there is a painful reason to wear these kind of footwear; I couldn’t help myself to smile. For I find it so admirable that he wears them with such grace outside his house like a duck takes to water. That’s his very own trademark, right? Maybe you’ve already seen the pictures, too.

So mon cher, please forgive me, but I think it’s time now to call it a night.
Please take good care of yourself and make sure to stay healthy.

Have a nice weekend!

♥ily greetings & lots of love Xo


P. S. You know I love you lots, right? That’s one reason why you should feel yourself embraced in a warm-hearted virtual hug now. 😉 The other is that I miss you.


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