Inspiring Orient – The Fourth Art Biennial in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is actually the hippest city for celebrities and artists, in a sense, the St. Tropez of the Orient. Celebrities like Alain Delon or Angelina Jolie have a second home there.

The charm of Marrakech has also led the English woman Vanessa Branson to call an art biennale to life. This year it is being held for the fourth time. A trilingual, five-day cultural festival opened at the Biennial, with readings, film screenings, discussions and exhibitions.

Many international artists are making a pilgrimage to Marrakech, including actress Kate Winslet and the renowned architect Frank Barkow. The exhibits and installations are mostly locally. The artists are inspired by the spirit of the Orient to work with typical materials and record on magical places of the old royal city.

The architects Frank Barkow and Regine Leibiger from Berlin created some of the old transparent pyramidal tents with cotton from the bazaars. Their delicately spun objects  decorate the mosque ruins of Marrakech.

The artist Sinta Werner uses the ramshackle charm of Marrakech’s never completed opera for her installation. She covered the spectator stands with neon yellow strips of cloth. ‘Sand dunes’ she calls her spatial work.

‘Metropolis’ has looked around in Marrakech and met the Director of the Biennale, Vanessa Branson.

Marrakech Biennale
Opening Festival
29th February to 4 March 2012

Exhibition to 3 June 2012
‘Higher Atlas’ Theatre Royal Marrakech

Author: Stefanie Appel

Learn more about Vanessa  Branson and the Biennale in Marrakech by following this path

Source & Credits:—Die-vierte-Kunst-Biennale-in-Marrakesch/6450296.html

Translation by me


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