Friday 9 March, 2012

Dearest Cleo,

Please forgive me for writing that late.
Normally I would have already written this letter Wednesday night, but thanks to a ‘nice’ food poisoning I couldn’t because I was simply too ill for everything.

How are you doing?
I have a feeling as if there is something wrong with you.
Don’t know why; it’s just my gut feeling.
Are you feeling well, mon cher?

You know I’ll be there for you if you wish so, right?

Thank you so much for this nice solace and the beautiful flowers from a couple of days ago.
You really made my day. 🙂

Today seems not going to be my day; for it started already pretty weird when I tried to post a comment on my favorite blog earlier by using my Open Id via WordPress. But this new comment tool refused to log me in by telling me I need to sign in to WordPress to complete the process while of course I was already logged in to WP.

It was the same story with Twitter. Arrrgh!!!
Finally I commented with my user-name and my e-mail address, since as you know I love to leave my comments on this blog. 😉

Now I hope the admins will be able to fix the problems sooon.
You know what? It looked so strange to see my comment on the page without my murex avatar.

I have faith in the guys or girls who are working on it. 🙂

Can’t believe it’s Friday and the weekend is again just around the corner…
Do you have any nice plans for the weekend or will you work again day & night?

I’m gonna mix it up with work & a little bit laziness I guess. 🙂
Therefore I have to get some things done now.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend if possible and please take good care of yourself.

I’m already looking forward to your next visit, as you can imagine. 😉

Until then feel yourself embraced in a warm-hearted virtual hug.

Lots of love & ♥ ily greetings, as always 😉


P. S. Just so you know, my former blog entry has nothing to do with you! ❤


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Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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