Tell Your Leaders That Gulf Coast Restoration Matters to You!

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore America’s magnificent Gulf Coast. Now is the time to make sure that the fines from BP and others responsible for the horrific spill in the gulf go back to the birds, wildlife and communities along the coast that need it the most. The Gulf Coast supports migratory birds from all across America, and its natural resources support millions of jobs throughout the nation. Your support for Gulf Coast restoration is critical to rebuilding a healthy ecosystem and economy!
Billions of birds—including dozens of colorful songbird species found in backyards and forests, waterfowl from the Prairie Pothole Region, shorebirds from high in the Arctic, raptors, iconic colonial wading birds of the South, and endangered Whooping Cranes and Piping Plovers—depend on Gulf Coast habitats each year. If we are going to succeed, your elected leaders need to hear that Gulf Coast restoration matters to you and your state.


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