Wednesday 22 February, 2012

Dear Cleo,

Don’t know why, but I feel the need to send you some loving thoughts before I go to sleep. 🙂

Are you feeling alright?
You aren’t suffering from a cold again, aren’t you?
Are you getting on well with your work? 😉

I’m deeply ashamed to admit I’ve been pretty lazy from Women’s Carnival Day until Rose Monday. You know, there’s always a state of exception here in the Rhineland during these carnivals days. And as you might remember; we Rhineland natives are famous for our cheerful ways. 😉 This goes especially for this time of the year.

But now the crazy & lazy days are over and we’re going back to business as usual. Or at least most of us do so. 😉

Currently I am debating with myself whether I will wait with the purchase of Anne Rice’s ‘The Wolf Gift’ until its release in German, or if I give in to my curiosity and buy it right now to read it in the original language. Which is pretty weird since I’m normally not into werewolves at all. But hey, this is Anne Rice… and the storyline sounds really spellbinding. Hmm… What to do?

What about you? Will you read it, too? Asking you this reminds me on the fact that I’ve never asked you if you’re even into werewolves or not. It’s so funny; most people are either into vampires or werewolves, but rarely into both species. I love vampires the most because they are, or can be so much more elegant, intelligent and erotic when they seduce their preys. And to a writer they present way more possibilities if you ask me.

Speaking of writing…
Two weeks ago I got a very touching review for the German version of ‘Midnight Snack’ by a female reader who wrote that my style of writing reminded her on the novel ‘Interview with a Vampire.’ Can you imagine how proud I was? It’s so wonderful when people like your work, isn’t it?

Oh, mon dieu it’s again that late…
Actually I wanted to be at sleep already since an hour…

To me it was more important to write you this letter now. Sleep is overated anyway, right? 😉
If permanent lack of sleep would not have such bad effects on our health and mind; I guess I’d skip it a lot more then I do already.

Please take good care of yourself.
Have a good time!

Lots of love 🙂 xo


P. S. and of course ♥ily greetings, too 😉


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