The Spring explodes in London


Baruzzo Fine Chocolate, a London-based Italian chocolatier, has just released
a glorious new chocolate collection a with floral theme. The collection celebrates
the coming season with a range of natural chocolates infused with flowers and scents.

Baruzzo Spring Collection 2012 includes six different hand-made chocolates,
decorated with geometrical motifs and infused with six different flowers: Rose,
Marigold, Jasmine, Violet, Orange Blossom and Roman Camomile. The recipes
create a subtle balance between the flower scents and the natural characters of
the cocoa that Baruzzo imports directly from Ecuador.

Baruzzo Fine Chocolate takes inspiration from Italian couture and fashion houses
and releases four Collections every year. Seasonal ingredients are the fabric that
Baruzzo uses to compose new and stylish recipes.

Baruzzo Collection chocolates are packaged in an elegantly understated brown box,
which a subtle invitation to take the time and discover the treasures under the surface.
The Baruzzo box is also a manifesto of the philosophy of the company, a positive
approach to luxury: re-cycle, re-use and re-enjoy.

Raffaella Baruzzo, founder of the one year old company, says: “The Spring is the
moment of the year when one’s senses wake up. One starts feeling everything more
intensely and the world around gets more vivid.

With this collection I wanted to take a person’s hand and guide them through the
paths of a beautiful Italian garden.”

If you want to get an invitiation to the launch event of the Spring Collection 2012,
subcribe to our mailing list or get in touch with

Discover more in our little video

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