is a new column I’ll write in irregular intervals from now on in form of personal letters to a fictive friend called Cleo.

So, this is the beginning…

                                                                             Saturday 11 February, 2012

Dear Cleo,

As you already know, I’m a pretty sentimental person to whom it is important to stay in touch with the people who are dear to me.

Since this has been a little bit difficult between you & me lately, due to the external circumstances, I thought to myself, I let the good old tradition of writing letters come back to life and simply write you a letter every now and then, when I feel like it. 😉

As day of the beginning with this way of communication I have chosen today on purpose, because on this day, on a Monday, in the year 2008 we shared our first experience during a concert of our favorite band 30 Seconds to Mars at the Palladium in Cologne.

Yes, hard to believe that this is already so long ago, isn’t it?

For me, this day has somehow turned into some kind of a milestone, on a wonderful journey which’s end is hopefully still not in sight. Unbelievable what has happened since then!

As you know by now, I’m really glad to have you in my life ever since and you can be sure that nothing is going to change that.

How have you been lately? I hope all is well with you and you can take the time to leave all your cares behind.

My week was pretty turbulent, but also instructive. A lot of penny-ante stuff that had necessarily to be done and took more time than I liked. But now I can happily sit back and enjoy my weekend because everything is done. 🙂

My week was instructive because someone I really like and respect put me emphatically in my place. Quite rightly, as I must admit, because I have unintentionally crossed a boundary, that I should not have crossed. As you know by now sometimes I have a tendency to overstate the case in my juvenility.

But luckily I’m able to learn without losing my sense of humour. 😉

Tell me, have you actually heard that Gaga has announced that she wants to get fans on the stage during her upcoming tour? Funny, isn’t it? Looks like the lady was mightily inspired by MARS, eh?

It seems as if Jared, Shannon & Tomo have set a new trend. I like it! 🙂

So, but that’s now enough for today. 😉
Be good to yourself!

Lots of love & ♥ily greetings


P. S.  Do you remember?

Source: the www some years ago


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