No secrets, but some facts you might not know about me yet

I’m the one, who wanted to be a storyteller since I was five.

I’m a dreamer, believer, survivor, a warrior by nature & I still believe in miracles.

I’m complicated, a little bit eccentric & I have a personality which is not easy to handle.

I know who I am, know my strengths & weaknesses and I have nothing to prove to myself.

I know exactly what I want and what I don’t want and when I say “no”, I mean it.

I have a tendency to speak my mind and can be brutally honest. And I’ve been told that sometimes I’ve a pretty bossy tone.

I’m a selfish bastard when I’m working on a project and sometimes I even shut the whole world, including family & friends out to stay focused.

I’ve been told that I’m one of the rare women who are capable to think straight.

I accept everyone just the way they are. Therefore I can not stand it at all, when someone’s trying to change me according to his ideas.

I will forever be grateful for the butterfly effect Alexander the Greats life had on mine.

I have a soft spot for almost everything Irish & Asian, my hometown, Hamburg, Berlin & my favorite Northsea island Sylt.

I’m extremely emotional.

I’ve an older brother who plays drums in a band.

I’m a big believer in learning by doing and I’m self-taught in many things I can & do.

I’m a choco-lover. Means I love chocolate in almost any form, from hot chocolate to chocolate-cakes.

I was born, raised and I still live in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I love to travel and to take long walks on the ocean shore, even when the sea is stormy.

When I meet people I don’t know, I’m totally shy and can be very uncommunicative.

In general I’m much better at writing about my feelings instead of talking about them.

I love smileys. 😉

I’m a book-worm. Besides reading I love writing, music, films, art & ancient history.

I love nightfall, sunsets and sunrises.

I’m a member of the Thirty Seconds to Mars family, but I’m not an echelon.

I love to dance.

It’s not easy to become a friend of mine, but those who are, have a friend for life. That is as long as they don’t betray my trust.

I love to discover something new.

I’m not unforgiving but I have a memory like an elephant.

I’m a passionate human being and make my decisions with gut instinct.

Every now and then I need time all to myself in order to keep my inner balance.

I’m the one, who finds nothing more attractive than talent combined with a creative mind.


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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