Fedback from the Christmas Special 2011 “I carry your name on Christmas Eve to Bethlehem”

In córdis júbilo,
Chrístum nátum adorémus,
Cum nóvo cántico

Weihnachtsaktion der Abtei Dormitio Jerusalem „Ich trage Deinen Namen in der Heiligen Nacht nach Bethlehem“


Thank you for taking part in the Christmas campaign by the Dormitio Abbey Jerusalem.
More than  15,000 names were in this year’s long list, which we could carry in the form of a scroll to Bethlehem.

Father Abbot Gregory Collins OSB has filed the list of the names in the Holy night on the star in the birth Grotto in Bethlehem.

We have taken you, all your submitted names and concerns at the place of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ with into our prayers.
As part of the fundraising campaign to date a total of  33,000  EURO have been received. We have promised around  18,000  EURO Sr. Maria Grech, head of the Franciscan Familiy Center in Bethlehem, to support their work.

Sr. Mary Abbot Gregory
and the monks of the Dormitio Abbey Jerusalem wish
a blessed and peaceful Christmas and God’s abundant blessings in the new year  2012

Dormitio Abbey Jerusalem

On Christmas morning  2011


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