Many of you might not know it, but if a true dreamer is born, a miracle happens. Because dreamers always bring something magical here and if they follow their dreams, they change the world forever.

Born out of their dreams is created so much new, unprecedented, and all these are footprints they leave behind on the path of eternity. Dreamers are the salt in the sea of ​​time. They are inwardly richer than they could ever be with material things and therefore they are at rest a lot more in themselves than others.

With their incredibly strong imagination they possess the rare ability to create original and unique things. We humans need dreamers. They help us not only to continually develop, but also give us the hope of a better tomorrow.

Creativity and irrepressible creative spirit are outstanding qualities of the dreamer. They give us pictures full of fantasy. Through the stories they tell they cast a spell over us and touch us. Or through their music that touches us deep inside. Which makes our hearts beat in their rhythm and strike a chord in our souls.

Our world would be much poorer and colorless without them – the dreamers.

© Copyright 2011 by The Storyteller’s Garden

₪ ø ιιι •o. 

This time; my birthday present is inspired by the bouncing birthday boy himself. 😉
Because he is a hell of a dreamer!!!

Traditionally even in this year I wrote a double-drabble as my present for you, Jared.


May the muses never stop kissing you.

I wish for you the wisdom not to be lulled by people, who tell you what you want to hear, so they can make money out of you.

Also I wish for you financial independence and the freedom to develop yourself artistically the way you want.

May you always have enough guardian angels to remain steadfastly at your side; to prevent that those, who want to harm you, ever reach their goal.

And may all the envious people and your enemies finally realize what a unique person you are and leave you in peace.

I wish for you that friends, family members or loved ones never betray your trust.

I wish for you that there is always someone by your side, who catches and holds you whenever you need it.

I wish for you that you never feel lonely, even when you’re alone.

I wish for you that you’ll always find yourself again, no matter what stones are placed in your way.

Again I wish for you that your dreams may never turn into nightmares.

And if you haven’t found it yet, I wish for you to find true love and a place where you finally feel yourself at home.

While traveling through India I wish for you, your journey may lead you to McLeodganj (also known as Upper Dharamsala, a village in the mountains north of New Delhi), in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to meet Tendzin Gyatsho, as a once in a lifetime expeierience, so he can bless & inspire you.

May you find your happiness.

I wish you health, inner peace and contentment.

I wish you always enough air to breathe.

Also I wish you the strength of character not to succumb to the obsession with youth, but to grow older in dignity, because I just know that you have what it takes.

Yes, this year again I wish for you, that not all your wishes may come true, so there’s always one dream left to follow.

And may all good powers of Heaven and Earth always watch over you!

From Germany with ♥



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