A Drink – Part II

The man took the card out of Belfleur’s hand with a quick grip of his pale, piano player hands and studied it a while; lost in thought, before he gave it back. “Well, what can I do for you, Inspector Jacques Belfleur?” This voice… it has something dangerously seductive, thought Belfleur while he tried to evade the direct eye contact, by turning his eyes to the shoulder-length blonde hair which peeped out under the hat. Embarrassed, he cleared his throat.

“I would like to know if you randomly have observed something that was going on down here”, he replied with a rough voice. Regretfully the man shook his head. “I’m sorry Inspector.” “I had a drink on the way home nearby and stopped just out of pure curiosity when I saw the police presence down there.” The Inspector sighed softly. “Hmm…, well, don’t let me keep you”, he replied tiredly. “No problem, Inspector.” I like to help if I can. But in this case…” “Well, in this case you can probably really do nothing.” Hard luck. Nevertheless, thank you Monsieur …. ”

His counterpart deliberately failed to hear the unspoken question about his name and just nodded his head. The Inspector sighed briefly again, looked at the other and nodded in farewell, too before he turned away and walked slowly down the steps. Halfway down the stairs he paused to turn around, because the man from above shouted softly: “Oh Inspector …” “Yes?” “I wonder if you might have a desire to go for a drink with me later, after work?”

Irritated, Jacques Belfleur looked up at the man from whom he still did not know the slightest thing. “I don’t know …” he began hesitantly, but was interrupted by the soft, seductive voice. “Oh come on, Inspector .. Or do you fear that I’d bite you?” The question clearly had an amused undertone and when Belfleur now looked into the fascinating bright shining eyes of his opponent, he could not help an amused grin also.

“Nonsense! Of course not, ” he assured, thought for a moment and finally gave in, because this stranger made ​​him somewhat curious. “Okay, fine. Get me off close to 11 pm at the police prefecture.” “It will give me a special pleasure, Inspector”, replied the vampire with a sly grin. A nod suggestive, while he prodded with the right index finger his hat back slightly so that it touched the upturned coat collar.

He put his head back, closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep imaginary breath before he salutes by touching the brim of his hat with two fingers and buried both hands deep into the pockets of his tapered, gray trench coat. Then he walked away with a satisfied smile on his lips. Full anticipation of the later evening and his next delicious drink. Confused Inspector Belfleur stared after him for a long time, before he remembered his task and went down back to his colleagues.

~ The End ~

© The Storyteller’s Garden


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