The Nightmare

by John Henry Fuseli



About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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2 Responses to The Nightmare

  1. I’ve seen this illustration before and it is on the cover of a book I have which is about night terrors, I have had night terrors for many years and this illustrates the situation very well.

    • Thank you so much for your friendly comment.
      I’m delighted 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear you have had night terrors for many years.
      Fortunately I seldom have nightmares. A fact I’m really thankful for.

      I’ve seen this picture for the first time in a TV documentary called ‘Das erste Mal’ (= The first time). It’s a docu series about first times in art. This time the theme was ‘Night’.

      Means when was the first time the night has been thematised in art. The picture was one of the
      examples and to me it was the kiss of a muse for a story I’d like to write for a contest.

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