The Thief

Note: When I wrote this story I left out the names and personal descriptions on purpose; so you dear reader can let your fantasy run free.

A warning: There will be blood… 😉

Rating: NC-17

The Thief

It was close to midnight, on a warm summer night in September 1999, when I silently slipped out of the Finca, armed only with a flashlight, to snuck over to the tomato fields, in order to lie on lookout.

The reason for my nocturnal detective work was the ugly fact  that for days now, every morning we had found lots of empty tomato skins in the  fields of our small organic farm, here in Tamaimo. The small town a few miles above the cliffs of Los Gigantes, in the west of my beautiful home island Tenerife. My family cultivated, including me, now in its third generation tomatoes on our open-air area, but we had only nine years earlier decided to shift the entire production to organic, because it was important to me personally to manage the farm sustainably.

Tenerife tomatoes were always known for having a wonderfully fresh and authentic taste. With every bite you could taste the many hours of sunshine and the wonderful climate in which they had grown. My parents often used to tell our customers as a special culinary tip that the tomatoes are especially tasty when they are not fully developed yet and still have a little green on the outside.

Perhaps the full-bodied flavor came from the fact that the to the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands belonging volcanic island Tenerife was located three hundred miles west of the southern border of Morocco. Who could even say exactly? I certainly could not.

All I knew at that time was that there was a thief, who seemed to like the taste of our tomatoes particularly well. So while I crept over to the fields I fervently hoped to be more fortunate that night than in the nights before, so I would catch the brazen tomatoe thief finally. Although … if I came to think about it again; it was not even really stealing tomatoes but their content. The empty tomatoe skins were always left behind in the

It seemed as if Fortuna was on my side that night. The moon was shrouded by dark clouds and when I turned into the farm lane, which was just dimly lit by the pale light, I clearly heard smacking sounds as if someone was sucking something out of someone. Without thinking too much, I quickened my steps. I stopped only when I stood on the edge of the field and saw a darkly clad figure who was picking one tomato after another from the bushes, sucked it out with pleasure and then carelessly threw the empty skins to the ground.

Stunned, I stared at the culprit for a while, who hadn’t noticed my presence yet before I summoned up my courage and approached him while I directed the beam of the flashlight on the back of his head. “Hey! What do you believe what this is? A self-service shop? ” I was not in the least prepared for what happened next.

With a speed which my eyes could not capture I found myself suddenly faced by an extremely attractive young man, who looked interested at me with a raised eyebrow and an amused smile before he quickly closed his hand with a strong grip around my throat. “No, this is the land of Cockaigne,” he replied with a grin while he discreetly bared his fangs. “Well, what do we have here? An unexpected enrichment of my bill of fare…” His smile was a devious grin now, as he released my throat and gently stroked along my neck,
down toward the collarbone with his long slender fingers. I was paralyzed with fear, hoping devoutly that my prayers would be heard and everything would be just a terrible nightmare.

But as it turned out, the vampire was damn real and had no intention to let me live as a witness to his existence. He played cat and mouse with me for a long time, before he finally became tired of playing. He ruggedly threw me to the ground with his body and bit mercilessly into my neck to slowly suck my blood.

Soon he let go of me again. With a powerful jolt he ripped my T-shirt in half and slid with his eyes full of desire over my bare torso. His tongue slid slowly across his lips before he shoot out to strike his fangs into my right breast. Despite my fear of death I felt a certain excitement which took possession of my body and even though it hurt what he did, I was not able to defend myself against him.

The whole situation felt totally surreal to me. I was not even aware that he was taking away my life sip by sip with pleasure. When I finally became aware of the fact it was too late and I was already more dead than alive. Oh, he had no haste to kill me. Absolutely not. On the contrary. Again and again he let go of me, only to then mercilessly break my skin again
with his sharp fangs at a different place on my upper body to continue to drink my lifeblood.

He really took his time, his beautiful lips smeared in blood while he chatted merrily, as if we were best friends. He even made me a compliment of doubtful nature when he said: “You taste really delicious, sweetheart. I haven’t enjoyed such a tasty vintage in a long time, I have to confess. Do you eat vegetarian? ” On my nod he continued. “Very clever of you! Unfortunately most of you human beings act less clever when it comes to your diet. Your food could be the best medicine you’ve got. Instead, you scoff  haphazardly industrially produced so-called food into your bodies, without questioning the ingredients and their side effects. With the result that at the end of your miserable existence many of
you would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste, because your bodies consists only of toxins. About that there are even film documentaries.

You know, I was a vegetarian before this Irish fucker had turned me into a vampire. Since then I do it like His Holiness the Dalai Lama and take animal food only once a week. In my case mostly in the form of human or sometimes animal blood. But I do this only because I cannot exist without blood. Otherwise I still prefer mostly a vegetarian diet, as can be easily seen in this field.  I like strawberries, tomatoes and blood oranges the most.” He smirked.

His eyes sparkled with a hunger, that made ​​me shudder. This time he struck his fangs powerful into the vicinity of the heart in my left breast. Then again he paused to tell me that the landmark of Tenerife, the still active volcano ‘Pico del Teide’, always reminded him from afar on a giant, majestic female breast. In his unconventional way he took away my anxiety very cleverly and helped me to relax.

When he felt how my heart beat slowed down more and more he let go of me again and looked thoughtfully at my face. With a tenderness I would not have expected from him he stroked my cheek gently, while his glance sunk into mine. “If you want, I could give you a gift,” he offered with an alluring tone in his voice. I knew exactly what he meant and just returned his gaze since I was too weak to be able to speak now.

There was something in his eyes … something magical. Almost like a promise. Still I hesitated to give in to the temptation. At least I had read enough vampire stories and seen enough vampire films to know in what I was going to get involved. My hesitation seemed to irritate him as his eyes told me. When I finally nodded, it seemed to me as if he had sighed quietly relieved, before he bit me one last time to blow out the light of my life for good. The last thing I saw were his eyes, looking down on me almost lovingly now. Then it
became dark.

I would prefer to leave the ugly details of my transformation unmentioned here, because that was really no fun. When I awoke again, he fed me with his blood until I was strong enough to hunt my first victim with him. As soon turned out I was a born hunter and did not care two figs about vegetables anymor. In fact I enjoyed the dark gift he had given to me that night when he had robbed me of my mortal existence. To be honest, the life as an undead creature of the night gave me great pleasure right from the beginning.

Hard to believe that all this is twelve years ago now and we both still go hunting together every night. After my sudden disappearance my parents have overwritten the farm to my younger brother, who did a real good job so far, contrary to all expectations. We vampires have remained in Tenerife, because thanks to the tourists we are well provided with supplies of food sources. And who knows, maybe we’ll even meet you one night while you have a  holiday on Tenerife.

~ The End ~

© 2011 The Storyteller’s Garden


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