Later to be read here…

Since I was kissed by a friendly muse yesterday I sat down spontaneously and wrote a new vampire story.

Unfortunately the story got a life of its own and I ended up with a story which is way too long to translate it tonight, since I’m very tired right now and would probably make a lot of mistakes with my sleepy mind. 😉

But I thought you might want a little appetizer.
So, here you are…

The Thief

It was close to midnight, on a warm summer night in September 1999, when I silently slipped out of the Finca, armed only with a flashlight, to snuck over to the tomato fields, in order to lie on lookout.

The reason for my nocturnal detective work was the ugly fact that for days now, every morning we had found lots of empty tomato skins in the fields of our small organic farm,
here in Tamaimo. A small town a few miles above the cliffs of Los Gigantes, in the west of my beautiful home island Tenerife. My family cultivated with me now in its third generation tomatoes on our open-air area, but we had only nine years earlier decided to shift the entire production to organic, because it was important to me personally to manage the farm sustainably.

To be continued …

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