The “Rosenstolz” comeback song cuts to the quick

I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of the German duo Rosenstolz, even though they have very good lyrics.  I liked one or two of their songs so far, but I’m on fire for their actual comeback single “Wir sind am Leben” (= we are alive). 

The lyrics really cut to the quick, as well as the video, while the music has the potential to stuck in one’s head. 

I’m pretty sure this first single from their upcoming same-titled album is soon going to be No. 1 in the German charts.

Comeback single, you might wonder.
Yes, they are making their comeback after singer Peter Plate’s breakdown on stage in 2009.

Feel free to learn more from my translation of the article in the online magazine below (Source:

Pop duo Rosenstolz to the “Stern”: “We have pulled the emergency brake too late”

News of News at 24  August -2011

Hamburg (ots) – Rosenstolz (=rose pride) singer Peter Plate, who spoke after his severe mental illness for the first time about his collapse and the associated mandatory break of the Berlin-based band: “I was in the worst crisis of my life,” Plate said in an interview in the on Thursday new appearing edition of the Hamburg magazine “Stern”. “To compose again saved me.”

In January 2009, Plate had suffered at a concert in Hamburg, one dizzy spell. Presented later doctors discovered a burnout syndrome in the 44-year-old.

“Our success with Rosenstolz was so great, and I felt so small anyway. It was as broke in the stage fright of the past 15 years with a shot over me,” described Plate in the “Stern” the situation at that time. “I started crying and could not stop. There was panic, naked fear. Everything was spinning. I thought the world would collapse.”

Singer Anna R. explained the reason before the collapse of her band partner: “We have simply pulled the emergency brake too late. We were so tired. I was so fed up by the industry.”

With over six million records sold the duo Rosenstolz are the most successful pop stars in Germany. On 31 August Anna R. and Plate will get the Federal Cross of Merit for their efforts in the fight against AIDS.

The comeback album “Wir sind am Leben” (= We are alive) will be published at the end of September.


Star editor-in-Kester Schlenz

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