On a warm evening in early September the sun was about to set, coloring the sky in beautiful shades of red, when a young man took a walk hand in hand with his beloved wife along the Santa Monica shore by the city of angels. They enjoyed  themselves, making plans for the future, when suddenly the man heard a soft caterwauling. He stopped dead, waiting for the next mew. “Did you hear that?” His wife nodded with an anxious face. Both tried to find the source of the sound in the water which crashed on the beach. It was kind of a Sisyphean challenge, but finally the woman saw the head of a little cat going up and down between the waves. “Look, over there”, she cried out and pointed with her right forefinger in the direction where it was struggling for its life. Without any hesitation the man jumped into the floods, swam towards the completely exhausted animal and rescued the shivering kitten much to the delight of his wife. Back on the ground he felt himself hugged lovingly by his crying wife. “I had no idea I’m married to a superhero”, she said, caressing his cheeks. “My Supermofo.”

© Copyright 2010 by The Storyteller’s Garden

₪ ø ιιι •o.

I wrote this double-drabble as birthday present for Tomo Milicevic the outstanding guitarist from Mars. 😉


Have a long, happy and healthy life. 😉


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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