Human greatness has a name – Thirty Seconds to Mars

The example in the article below is one of many reasons why I respect & love the members of my favorite band so much.
They don’t talk – they take action.
They are simply there and offer help where it is needed.
That’s what I call ‘human greatness’.

30 Seconds To Mars offer help at Pukkelpop 2011
by Mars Dirty Birdy Secret Society, via facebook Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 13:27

… a big, shiny tourbus aswell, with tinted windows. The doors swing open, conversations stop, mouths drop. Jared Leto (Shannon and Tomo) get out. His group “30 seconds to mars” was one of the headliners on Thursday night. He was with his crew at the side of the stage preparing for the show when all hell broke lose above Pukkelpop.

“I knew immediatly: this is bad. Really, really bad. I’m from the South of the USA. I’m not easily impressed by a storm. But something destroying like this have I never seen. Never. What a tragedy. Al those young, beautiful people who came here together to celebrate and then … . This is going to linger for a long time. When we canceled the show, my first thought was : let’s drive to the hospital. But I was afraid we would be in the way. The first aid services told us here was the place we could do the most. Comfort people. Listen to their stories. Helping them be distracted, maybe. It worked – and not a little. His entourage gave away everything that was eat – and drinkable from the tourbus, he himself was between the people. “So glad you’re okay” he tells everybody. ‘You’re gonna get over this. Stay warm and stay safe.”

– De Standaard, zaterdag 20 augustus 2011 (translated by Cassieliss)



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