What makes me really sad…

…is probalbly something most of the people wouldn’t even care about.

Maybe I shouldn’t do neither, but I can’t help myself – I do.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from a friend.
During our conversation she asked me if I had already participated in the Transmission Reader Survey by our favourite band. I negated since I hadn’t even read about it because for lack of time.

When she has read the questions to me, question number 27 aroused my interest, since it was a question I hadn’t expected in the bands survey at all.

No, in fact I have to admit, I have not expected this question at all, since I would have never strike on the idea that the owner would do anything else than his very own independent thing on his blog, without questioning others what improvements and changes would they like to see most on his blog.

Of course I do understand that a band needs to find out all the things they are asking, for their future marketing strategies. But why has it to include a blog that doesn’t even belong to the band, too? A blog that had always bore the hallmarks of the owner. A man who is so much more than just the leader of his band and who used to show his many different facets on his very own website.

If I think about this, it makes me really sad to see that one of my favorite blogs is probably going to lose its authenticity and its very unique charm.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against changes or improvements, but they should be made for the right reasons and not just to please more so called fans. #JustSaying


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