Heartily thank you…

…to all of you my dear visitors and readers, who have found the way to ‘The Storyteller’s Garden’ during the past year. 

A look at my calendar this morning told me, that I’ve actually missed my first annual anniversary yesterday. Never mind! 🙂 

I can’t believe that it’s already one year ago since I started this blog on August 1st, 2010 and that so many of you nice people out there, all over the world, are still interested to follow me, as the ever increasing number of visitors and readers proves me.

Therefor I’m really glad, since it shows me that I seem to do something right in the way I’ve themed this page so far. 

Of course you are invited to go ahead and join me as long as you like. 

I promise nothing, but that I’ll keep. 😉 

Have a nice day, folks! 



About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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2 Responses to Heartily thank you…

  1. Cheers and congratulations – keep it up! x

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