Pure sensuality

You lie before me.
Full of desire I lay my eyes on you.
You are so beautiful. Almost perfect.
Gently slide my fingers over your rosy skin.
Carefully touching the soft down fluff on it.
Caressing your shapely curves.
Slowly, very slowly I’m getting closer to you.
Breathe in your delightfully seductive scent.
Let my lips glide gently over you.
Playfully I bite with pleasurable hunger in your tender flesh.
Gingerly my teeth break through your skin.
My tongue captures with passion the first drops of your delicious juice.
Oh, sweet peach, what a wonderful delight to nibble you.

© Copyright The Storyteller’s Garden


About The Storyteller's Garden

Creature of the night ₪ ø ιιι ·o.
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2 Responses to Pure sensuality

  1. Wow! Very sexy and seductive…. I like!

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