Thoughts about love…

What’s up with the people nowadays when it comes to the theme of love?
Sometimes I wonder if they even know the meaning of the word love.
Do they know what it means to really love somebody?
Everybody wants to be loved, but it looks like almost nobody wants to expend effort to make a relationship work.

Looking around I sense a growing tendency to give up on love and relationships so easily. 
It’s like: “Well, you know darling; our relationship doesn’t seem to work, so it’s better we break up and find someone new.” This fits perfectly fine in our throwaway society, I know. But it still makes me sad. Especially when I see so many relationships fall apart in my circle of friends.

Nobody seems to be interested or be able to work for their relationships any longer.
They expect it to work all by itself and if it doesn’t, they rather split up and try another one. So many relationships fail because of the expectations the lovers have of each other, or because no one is capable to restrain personal desires or ambitions for the benefit of their partners. Or they fail because both partners are too self-centred, or because others mistake being in a relationship with owning their partners. Of course, in all this cases it’s a recipe for disaster. Since nothing of this has anything at all to do with love.  At least with love as it is meant to be.

Love is the strongest bond that connects people to each other.
Love has many faces and many facets.
The love of a mother to her child is unlike the love we feel for our brothers and sisters, other relatives or our friends. Platonic love feels different than passionate. Although I am personally convinced that platonic love comes definitely the closest to true love, in terms of intensity and depth of existing feelings.

Well, true love …
A passionate obsession that burns like a fire in us.
That strong feeling for which a deep longing dwells in our hearts. Even if many a person might say something else sometimes, out of pure self-defense.

It is the desire of all of us to find this one and only true love. Most of us have in their lives more or less painful firsthand experienced that this is not so simple.

Sometimes, in very rare cases, we find the true love, without realizing it, while we are too busy living our lifes.

Unfortunately people often mistake something for love, that is miles away from the most powerfull of all feelings and this something is nothing else than possessive mentality.

Love, especially  true love is unconditional.
If someone loves you for real and truthful he or she would never try to change you for her or his ideas, but accept you as you are. With all of your strengths, but also with all your weaknesses – unconditionally.

Someone who truly loves will always put the well being of the partner over his own, no matter what. He or she will not deter the partner out of selfishness from being able to develop his or her personality, but assist them in becoming who he or she really is. He or she will not constrict the partner with his or her  jealousy and possessive mentality or hinder the realization of his or her plans, but gives the partner the freedom to stay because he or she wants to.

How do I know all this?
Well, I was fortunate enough to have met true love already.
Unfortunately, not for myself, but in the shape of two wonderful couples who had lived a true love.

Firstly my meanwhile unfortunately deceased, former in-laws, who were themselves more than thirty years old when both fell deeply in love with each other. Their love continued unabated for over thirty years until their death. It was so wonderful to be able to witness how deep their love still has been, even after all those years. When the father-in-law died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack, it broke his wife’s heart and she followed him into the grave within a year.

Which brings me to the other, better-known lovers.
A legendary couple who went down in history and whose love was as unusual as the couple themselves – Alexander the Great and Hephaestion Amyntor.

The greatest conqueror in history followed his most intimate friend into the house of death within one year after Hephaistions death in Ecbatana as it is written in the history books of mankind.

What united these two men since their youth, was an unconditional, deep and sincere love.

A love, that in my eyes like no other perfectly represents the term “true love”.



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