Artifact by 30 Seconds To Mars

Last year, when I watched this preview of the upcoming documentary called ARTIFACT for the very first time it left me speechless and I ended up crying my eyes out when the film ended with Jared Leto’s words. 

Since I’m someone who always listens closely and who reads between the lines I probably see and hear more than most other people do. Maybe that’s the reason why even today, when I watched this film again only just I still have a lump in my throat when I think about all the things that are vaguely perceptible which are going on behind the scenes and will for sure still take its toll on Jared, Shannon & Tomo. For that reason it’s so great that the album is such a huge and well deserved success all over the world.

But honestly, I wish for the members of the band, from the bottom of my heart, that one day they’ll get their revenge so they can kick some of those asses, who treated them that badly in the past.

Besides this short movie is one of the reasons why Alibi became right from the start and still is up to-day my favourite song from the album This is War. Because to me personally, all that constitutes MARS is captured in this one song, in a very unique way by a brilliant songwriter.

If truth be told I’m looking forward to watch this documentary.
But at the same time I hope that Bartholomew Cubbins & Jared Leto will release it only then when the time is right. Which means when the director and the filmmaker are really, satisfied with the final result.

Therefore I don’t care about how long I have to wait for the release. As long as I know the film will end up being as perfect as they want it to be. There is absolutely no need to finish this film under too much pressure, if you ask me.

It’s like so many things in life – it’s ready when it’s ready! It’s that simple!

₪ ø ιιι •o.

Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Alibi” Lyrics





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2 Responses to Artifact by 30 Seconds To Mars

  1. Anonymous says:

    bartholomew cubbins is jared leto.

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