When you’re strange

Today it is unbelievable FOURTY years ago since James Douglas „Jim“ Morrison tragically passed away in his, back then, new chosen home away from home – Paris.

The highly gifted rockstar, singer, songwriter, composer and poet Jim Morrison is the perfect, sadly, example of the fact how too fast rising fame and being a prisoner of a self-created image can destroy an artist and his creativity for good.

Or for that how quickly a dream can turn into a nightmare, when the first enthusiasm over the massive success is gone and all that is left behind is a bitter aftertaste.

Because anything the artist ever wanted, was to be respected as a poet and for his work, rather than uncritically celebrated as a revered icon and so called sex symbol by screaming fans.

An artist in such a position needs to have a lot of inner strength and to be a very forceful personality, if he wants to make sure not to get artistically burnt-out, or ending up as a shadow of himself, who feels only empty inside.

Unfortunately Jim Morrison wasn’t that strong.
His soul got crashed and burnt badly.

So badly, that his body finally gave in and faded away, after a long time of systematically self-destruction by his own behaviour.

May his immortal soul rest in peace!

~ ~ ~

My Film recommendation for those of you, who want to learn more is legendary film maker Oliver Stone’s The Doors; starring an amazing Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison and Meg Ryan as Pamela Courson.


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One Response to When you’re strange

  1. Jim Morisson – poet, musician, singer, songwriter, artist, director and sadly another member of the “Club 27”.
    “U can’t burn out, when you haven’t been on fire.”
    You’ve found the right words. There is after all, a human being in the position of this so called “rockstar”. Lovely post about one of my fave bands, thank you. 😉

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