Midnight Snack V

Finally my fangs find their way to his carotid artery, penetrate the tender skin carefully and channel the desired lifeblood. As I have already suspected, his blood tastes just delicious. I enjoy every sip. Drink slowly, full of joy, hold him, caress his back gently to calm him down. I try to inflict as little pain as possible. I do not want to see him suffer, nor do I want to let him suffer from more pain than absolutely necessary. On the contrary, with him I feel something like some kind of protective instinct, which seems strange to me, bearing in mind that this is our first date.

It has been a long time since I’ve lastly met a man who fascinated me so much. I remember I’ve made the only one who ever made me feel like that before my companion, which feels now like it was a lifetime ago. A mistake I have no intention to repeat ever again. This I have vowed after his death, when this bloody vampire hunter had executed him right before my eyes. Of course the hunter paid for this cruelty with his life. Never again I want to have to endure such pain, like the one I’ve felt when my heart literally broke into a thousand pieces, because I’ve lost someone I had loved with every fiber of my being. Never again!

But I know it’s finally time to bury the shadows of the past and turn back to the more pleasant things of life. Like this charming man I still hold in my arms for example. Francois, my naive, too trusting Francois, whom I already like way too much to kill him without regret by now. I can see it coming – you’ll sit heavily on my stomach, my dear. That’s the problem. One should simply not make friends with his food. I have to keep that in mind for the future.

Once I’ve read that many people become vegetarians when they personally know the animals who are to be slaughtered and then eaten by them. So similar it is with you, my sweet Frenchman. I like you. I really like you. Way too much, to be honest. I would like to know more about you. To get to know you better. Fuck! What am I thinking? Stop it! It is not the appropriate time for such sentimentality, Edmond. Get ahold of yourself!

I am absolutely determined to stay true to my principles and not to be dissuaded. Not even by a man with whom I have surprisingly much in common. That would be even better! For centuries I’ve dealt perfectly fine with this mindset. No reason then to do something about it now, isn’t it? Out of sheer brooding, I almost forgot, to satisfy my hunger. Therefore I grant myself a big gulp of this intoxicating juice of life first. Francois heart begins to pump more slowly, I suck firm, which makes him groan voluptuously and awakens the desire in me to enjoy many more of such sensual moments with him.

I am no longer cabable to lead my thoughts to an end because my sensitive ears perceive the rapidly approaching howling voices of a whole horde of obviously drunk types. Quickly, I weigh up all possibilities and come to the conclusion that I will not have enough time to finish my meal in the intended way. So the only option left to me is to stop right now and to break Francois’s neck. It will be quick and almost painless for him.

I hate it when I have to stop in the middle of a delicious meal. I really hate it! Although I’ve given up to hate since a few years. Thanks to His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who once said that one should try to avoid feelings of hatred, because they ultimately only poison your soul. I do not know if I still have one, but it certainly can not hurt to go without hatred through life, or what our sort thinks it is since we aren’t alive in the truest sense anymore literally.

The voices are coming closer. With a heavy heart I let off from my delicious Frenchman, after I’ve taken a quick gulp of his warm blood again. With relish, I lick my lips clean, as Francois slowly opens his now bleary eyes and looks at me thoughtfully with a tired look. “Why did you stop?” His voice sounds weak and describes his state just perfect. Of course he is weak, because I have already stolen much of his vitality. Still, he would easily recover, if I would keep him alive. “We are getting unsolicited visitors” I growl harshly and make the mistake to look a moment too long into his eyes.

There’s something in his glance … Something strange. No anger, no rage, no sadness or despair. No silent begging, or pleading for his life. No, what I see in his eyes is – compassion. He has compassion for me, because I’m in such a situation. Instead of worrying about himself he cares for me, a total stranger to him. A person who even wants to kill him at that. Unbelievable! He has a definitely good heart, my delicious Frenchman.

“It’s too bad” he says suddenly. Confused I look at him. “What is too bad?” My tone remains irritated. “That we haven’t met each other under different circumstances. I would have loved to get know you better. We seem rather to lie on the same wavelength. We would certainly be a great team, or pair, or whatever.” To me it seems as if I am in the wrong movie. The voices of the drunks are coming inexorably closer, I quarrel with myself and this guy has the nerve to come up with relationship stuff.

… Although basically he speaks out what I myself have already thought as well. Lost in thought I stare at him briefly, lean closer to him and cover his head with both hands. Ready to break his neck with a jerk, when our eyes meet again. I see in his eyes that he knows exactly what I intend to do and yet he doesn’t asks me to spare him. “I just would  have liked to have more time with you,” he says quietly, without taking his eyes away from mine and breaks my resistance with his attitude. At this moment I realize that I will not be able to kill him, because I feel the same. Resigned I let my hands drop. “Today seems to be your lucky day darling” I say grumpy.

Unbelieving Francois looks at me, then a small smile flashes over his face. “I knew that I am safe with you” he answers seriously. “Don’t push your luck” I grumble and try to look like I’m in a bad mood. But I’m only partly successful, as the suppressed smile on Francois face shows. Unfortunately I’m running out of time. The voices can be heard pretty damn close now. Concern spreads over Francois face. “You should go” he advises. I nod. “Yes.” Then I let go of him and he almost falls over. Quick as a flash I catch him and help him to walk around the park bench to sit down. He is really weak.

“Thanks” he mutters almost inaudibly. “Hmm.” “Will we meet again?” inquires Francois quietly. “Probably not and you better should not even wish for it. I’m not always that generous.” “I know! It’s just so … I like you and I would really like to get to know you more closely…” “I put him off. “Never mind! Believe me, it is better for you when we do not meet again.” Francois is pouting now, which is kinda cute. His pouty lips again awaken my desire to kiss him passionately. Fortunately I can control myself.  “Will I remember you?” Slightly annoyed I sigh. “Do you want to remember me?” I inquire only moderately interested. Francois nods. “Absolutely!” “Then you’ll remember me” I answer with an almost friendly smile.

The noisy crowd unmistakable crosses the bridge just now and for me it is definitely time to go on the run. Francois tries to get up, but fails because of the weakness of his body. “Stay seated. These idiots that are coming over here soon should probably be cabable to bring into a clinic or to accompany you to your home, I hope” I say and can not take away my eyes from Francois. Again I cover his head with both hands. But this time to kiss him goodbye one last time.

He returns the kiss far too lovingly and I have to force myself to let go of him, so I can finally leave. Once again, I kiss his lips very gently, lick the dripped blood away from the bite wounds on his neck, mumble a soft “Good-bye”  and make my way without looking back. “Edmond?” Curious I stop, but don’t turn around, pretending to be on the edge while I let my voice sound intentionally annoyed. “What next?” ” What are you going to do now? I mean, where are you going from here? What are your plans?” “Nice try, sweetheart” I chuckle. “As if I would tell you where I live … dream on!”

After a brief pause for breath I finally turn around to face him again and I ponder audibly: “Who knows? If it comes over me, I’ll maybe take a longer break before I start my next project. I’ve recently seen a very interesting travel report, about a train trip on the Trans-Siberian railway from Berlin to Beijing. I could pack light. Like a typical backpacker, traveling only with my camera and I could just like that disappear from the radar of the Western world for a while.”

“Wow, that sounds exciting! Could make a lot of fun. I have since an early age a passion for Asian culture” raves Francois and beams at me , but I stop him energetically with a wave of my hand. “Don’t even think about to ask me if you can accompany me. On such a trip the journey is the destination. I think the deeper meaning is to give my full focus on myself and my very own needs in order to find my inner midst again. Experience teaches that such a thing succeeds best alone. ”

Francois looks at me thoughtfully, then nods in understanding. “Yes, you are certainly right. You must do what is best for you. I would do just the same if I were in your place and wanted to cleanse my soul and find my inner self again.” Incredulous I let my eyes wander over his face and I am entranced by the openness I meet there. He means what he says, I can see it clear. Is it actually possible that Francois could be one of those extremely rare human specimens who accept other people as they are, without trying to change them according to their own ideas?

Then the guy would be a rarity and I should seriously consider to keep an eye on him. I mean, honestly … What person, or in this case, what present vampire doesn’t dream from the bottom of his heart to find a partner who is cabable to put the welfare of the loved one above his or her own ? What is it called? Oh well – love… The one, the only, true love, worthy of the name. To meet such a person is like winning the lottery. Many a person may be looking for it a whole lifetime. I know whereof I speak.

Francois’s eyes meet my glance. For a moment I lose myself in them before I vigorously break away, in order to free myself from his spell. It’s time. I have to go. Immediately, because if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. Again, I nod to him briefly. “I gotta go. See ya” I say tersely and turn away to continue on my way. Once again I stop. “And stay away from vampires” I add serious and move on.

“I will! Goodbye, see you soon” Francois answers with an unmistakable smirk in his voice. Then he adds a whispered “Bon voyage!” and makes me smile again. This guy doesn’t give up that easily. I like that. Cheerful and in high spirits I walk along the path that leads me away. Away from the howling drunk and sadly also away from Francois.

Lost in thought I strike up my new favorite song: “One night of the hunter … One day I will get revenge … One night to remember … One day it’ll all just end … … ohohoho Ohoho …”

                                                                              ~ The End ~

© Copyright 2011 by The Storyteller’s Garden

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