Midnight Snack III

Sometime during our conversation, the music in the radio changes to Queens ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, something that makes my co-driver noticeably quieter.

“Do you know that this song has the musical structure of a real rhapsody and the characteristic three-part form scheme ‘slow, quick, slow’? Freddie Mercury has combined three stylistically very different sections in this song. Starting with an a cappella intro which is first followed by an opera-parody and finally by a hard-rock section. However he seems to have renounced the classical chorus on purpose.”

Fascinated I look at his smooth face while he speaks. I have difficulties to concentrate myself on driving and slowly shake my head. “No, but how do you know?” “Heard it on the radio a while ago and googled it” he grins, before continuing more quietly. “Do you think Jared could also write something like this for Mars?” “Sure he could” I answer without hesitation, because I don’t doubt the songwriting skills of the multi-talented front man for a second. Adding however: “The question is whether he would ever be interested and whether it would fit into another concept of the band.”

“Aha, is there probably the concept artist in you coming through? But you gotta admit, it would be a real challenge for a musician, right?” “Absolutely! But honestly, I think they have more than enough challenges” I retort. “Nonsense! As a creative person you can never have enough challenges” Francois says with a passionate conviction that irritates me seriously for a moment.”Oh well, you ought to know it ultimately” I laugh. “Yes, exactly! After all, I belong to the creative people also. “Oh yeah?” I tease him with a smug grin. “Yes” he says grumbling and pushes out his lower lip pouting.

This small, ill-considered gesture and the irrepressible desire that this vision arouses in me, calls the real reason for our appointment abruptly back into my mind. Strangely, I had completely forgotten about it during our conversation. Absent-mindedly I look at Francois, without really seeing him. An hour ago it was all so clear. I had chosen him as my supper, or let’s say more like a little midnight snack and now I feel almost scruples coming up in me, because I’m going to end his young, unfulfilled life tonight.

Edmond seriously, stop turnimng into a sentimental wimp and to think with your dick finally. The guy is only a delicious variety to your menu, after all the skinny blonde Barbies lately. No more, no less, reminds me the rational voice inside my mind energetically, while I skillfully maneuver the roadster into a free parking space near the park. My mood has changed significantly. Something Francois seems to feel also, because suddenly his talkativeness was blown away.

Silently we make our way leisurely strolling through Central Park along the dimly lit paths. I enjoy the silence between us. It has a strangely calming effect on me. I have always found it pleasant to be able to remain silent with someone without feeling uncomfortable. The night sounds, imperceptible to human ears,  envelop us like a cozy blanket. Surreptitiously I watch Francois walking close beside me, with his hands buried in his pockets,. “Are you cold?” I ask caringly, while I take the path to the small wooden bridge to the Turtle Pond. In the middle of the bridge I stop to look at him quizzically.

Francois stops also, far too close to me. Briefly he returns my gaze, shakes his head vigorously. With difficulty I resist the temptation to grab him and to push him against one of the white-painted wrought-iron railings to kiss him, until he doesn’t know what hit him. His physical proximity and the scent of his blood cloud my senses and let my desire for his lifeblood get overwhelmingly powerful. Even the steady going beating of his heart can barely calm me down. 

Pull yourself together! It won’t be long before he is yours, warns the voice of reason within me and unnoticed by Francois I clench my right hand into a fist, out of frustration about the fact that I still cannot do what I want. A cursory look around shows me that we have almost achieved my goal. I can see the little bench near the moonlit lake already.

I’ve deliberately chosen this lake near the Belvedere Castle, because it is so far-off that even in daylight walkers rarely get lost here. So it is the perfect place to dine undisturbed and afterwards to get rid of the pesky remnants. The attractive Frenchman is not the first and certainly will not be my last victim who will find his final resting in this peaceful little lake. At the thought of my delicious supper, which is now so close within my reach I lick pleasurably over my upper lip and smile satisfied.

To be continued…

© Copyright 2011 by The Storyteller’s Garden

₪ ø ιιι •o.

My Soundtrack:

Don McLean – Castle in the air http://goo.gl/1yvyf

Don McLeanVincent (Starry Starry Night)  http://goo.gl/eYQEV

Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle  http://goo.gl/YLWc8

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody http://goo.gl/Ug3a0

3 Doors Down – Every Time You Go http://goo.gl/YiKoz

Cyndi Lauper – Time after time http://goo.gl/0AqR3

Thirty Seconds to Mars – Night of the Hunter http://goo.gl/sBE46


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