A couple of hours ago I watched the culture magazine ‘Metropolis’ on arte TV when the report about ‘Crowdfunding’ caught my interest because of the possibilities that  lie in this concept; for bands for example.

While I was still watching the report about ‘My Major Company’ the following idea came into my mind: What if Thirty Seconds to Mars would use this investment model to gain back their independence step by step, especially when it comes to the producing of new band short films for songs like ‘Night of the Hunter’ for example? So they could produce the films they really want to be seen, without any pressure of a record company which won’t be willing to give the necessary money.

Their devoted fan base would for sure support them in every way possible.

I personally see this as an idea concept, which is truly worth to think about, of course under consideration of all pros and cons.

If you want to learn more, feel free to take a closer look at the related websites:

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Further reading:

Ex Ante Crowdfunding and the Recording Industry: A Model for theU.S.?

Film source:


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