Kisses of the Muses

Maybe I’m hopelessly romantic, but I like the idea that any inspiration preceding the kiss of a muse. As kiss of a muse I name those mysterious moments, when an idea approaches out of the blue, that immediately brings a film with a storyline to live in my mind.

Almost everything inspires me. Everyday occurrence as well as art, photographs, films or documentaries that I see, for example. Books I read, or music that I hear. Other people can be a virtually inexhaustible source of inspiration for me as well.

To be perfectly honest, I prefer to get my inspiration from other creative people. By now I even have my favorite muses, because their creativity inspires me to push back my own boundaries again and again. True to the motto ‘The Sky is the limit.’

I like to imagine that the soul of such human beeing goes on some kind of spiritual journey. So that it touches mine, creating in this way a magical connection, although not visible, it is all the more tangibly.

I like the thought that two souls touch one another like these fingers are going to do in Michelangelo’s fresco ‘The Creation of Adam’ on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Yes, maybe I am hopelessly romantic when it comes to the issue of Muse kisses. But hey – I’m German. I’m allowed to be!

After all I was born in the land of poets and thinkers, right? 😉


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